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I’m Stumped


So, now that it seems very probable (if not certain) that our Fascist in Chief has been deposed and our Presidential election is (mostly) over, let’s take a look at the winners and losers here. WARNING: as you may have guessed from that first line, I am celebrating the political victory of Trump not being reelected. If you think that will be triggering, please stop reading.

Side note: I understand there will be legal challenges and recounts and temper tantrums from our failure of a President, but I think we know enough to know that Joe Biden will be our next President and Kamala Harris will be our first ever woman or person of color to hold the office of Vice President. Ahhhhh…..that felt good to type. So I’m moving ahead with this post.

There must and will be time for reconciliation. I hope to write more on that in the future. Today, though, is time mostly for celebration and a bit of reflection. This post won’t cover all the things, but I have to get a few on “paper” before I go to sleep.

Now, in no particular order, here are some of the winners and losers of this last election. Grab a snack and get comfortable.


Democracy — What better place to start? Trump has been attempting to undermine the foundational pillars of our democracy since before his first election. He called facts “fake” and constantly undermined the free press. He tried to suppress voting. He encouraged anti-democratic conspiracy theories. He decimated governmental agencies by removing anyone who dared question him. (Starting to sound like any other anti-democratic tyrants you know?) He undermined our national defense by siding with dictators over his own intelligence agencies and advisors. He encouraged foreign interference in our elections. He continues to threaten not to give up the power he has now lost. He tried to expand his own power away from other elected officials. He refused to follow the tradition of holding off on a Supreme Court nomination to allow the peoples’ voices to be heard. He alienated other democratic allies. And on and on the list could go for hundreds or thousands of more pages.

Without exaggeration Donald Trump was the single biggest threat to democracy in the world since the Soviet Union.

America is the most powerful defender of democracy in the history of the world. We have used our military and economic might (often entirely inappropriately) for decades to defend democracy around the world. We helped to win world wars and a cold war and allowed many nations to hold onto or create a democratic government. If America stops standing for democracy, the forces that would attack it may be too strong to combat. This is especially true in a world where communist China plays such an important role. America must remain a strong democracy and a beacon for all those who would support it.

Trump did his level best to destroy that and nearly succeeded. And even now as he tries to hold on to power like a baby throwing a fit at having something shiny taken away that he never should have gotten ahold of anyway, he continues to try to undermine democracy. But thank God American democracy is too strong even for this anti-American cult leader and his band of perverse sycophants. 150 million people turned out to vote. Thousands of brave volunteers worked sleepless nights to count the votes fairly even as their own President hurled insults and meritless accusations. The media kept reporting the truth and Biden kept being gracious and tried to bring calm and unity.

And as a result, our democracy will stand. It will continue to be bombarded by the lunatic we elected, but it will stand. Because it is a government for and by the people, the people will protect and save it. And every democratic country in the world is a little safer tonight as a result.


Twitter — Is anyone even on Twitter other than Trump anymore? What will the platform do when it’s no longer the official press release forum for the most powerful person in the world? I mean you can only live on Kardashian related controversy for so long, right? Sell your Twitter stock.


Women — I’ve already addressed this one a little. See, https://medium.com/im-stumped/girl-power-23baf1017ed8. But it’s not just Vice President Elect Harris, though she and her new role are tremendously important regardless of how you feel about her political views. Trump has been credibly accused of sexual assault, including rape, by 26 different women and girls. Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women and girls. Trump has publicly and repeatedly insulted everything there is about being a woman. He degrades, objectifies and inappropriately sexualizes women (and girls) at every turn. I can’t imagine how hurtful that is for every female.

But I have also heard women painfully confess that sometimes even more hurtful was having to confront the fact that so many men and women viewed Trump’s disgusting treatment of women as acceptable. Whether it’s “locker room talk” or “boys will be boys” or whatever excuse put forward, every woman has been assaulted by the reality that half the country just doesn’t respect or care enough about them to not vote for a rapist…twice! I honestly don’t know how any woman (or man who cares about women) could stand to even see his face.

There are wounds from Trump that may never heal, but at least we no longer have in office a man with such clear and appalling disregard for all women. I can’t believe the bar fell so low that this became something to celebrate, but here we are. Someday we will have a woman President. Someday we will push rape culture to the outer extreme edge of society. Someday we will become a more complete and better society by fully embracing women. That day is not today, but today we removed a major roadblock to those goals.


Fox News — This network completely sold what was left of its soul to suck up and pander to the President in the most repugnant way possible. They tied their journalistic credibility to a man with less credibility than…searching for a reference to a famous liar….only finding Trump….well, they have no credibility is my point. So, why would anyone listen to them at all now? They are little more than a network full of yes men for a man who is now an irrelevant joke. I mean, my guess is that Trump will become a regular guest on every single one of their shows where he will talk so much about having this election stolen from him he will become a part of popular drinking games all over the country.

We could use more conservative news outlets, but for them to be useful, they need to care at least a little about telling the truth. That disqualifies Fox news and hopefully they can go back to stirring up nonsense for cranky people over 65 (who believe Marxists still somehow pose a threat to national security), instead of creating policy for our President.


The National Dialogue on Non-Political issues — Racism should not be political. Responding to a health crisis should not be political. And yet, for the last 4 years, people could not even acknowledge the value of a black person’s life without being sucked into some terrible political vortex. I couldn’t express concern about racism without being branded a Marxist. A Marxist?!?!? What the actual ____? Is it 1918? Why would we be afraid of Marxists? And what does that have to do with supporting black people? And how does wearing a mask to protect someone from getting sick become a political issue? How? Trump. Trump politicized everything and a key part of his strategy to retain power was to keep us all divided. Now how close I stand to someone is supposed to be an indicator of whether I’m a Republican or maybe even a patriot. It is more than absurd, it is dangerous.

We are still in the midst of a deadly pandemic. We are wrestling with important questions about race, religion, policing, mental health, gender equality, gender and sexual identity, and more. Those are incredibly complex and difficult issues which provide monumental challenges under the best of circumstances. There is no hope of solving or even improving these areas if they are all politicized. Mask wearing is not a conservative or liberal issue. How I treat minorities is not either….or it shouldn’t be. But for members of Trump’s personality cult, everything was “us v. them”. Everything was either you are with me or against me. Everything that Trump believed or believed would help him stay in power, was turned into a political weapon of mass destruction.

The victims were real people. Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree that black lives matter. They should be able to agree on something as basic as wearing a mask. They should be able to agree on the value of protecting the environment. What you do with those beliefs is a different story, but the basic underlying concepts are not rooted in political ideology, they are rooted in what it means to be human. Maybe now we can find our way back to having a conversation where you don’t first have to check to see what your political leader wants you to think about it.


White Supremacists — Bad, bad day for racists. They had the most powerful man in the country getting their back on a regular basis. They had a guy claiming that being for “law and order” was somehow the opposite of stopping police from murdering young black men. They got to ride around and march and call it political because they were supporting the President. Now they have to go back to just being menacing terrorists. There will probably be further anti-discrimination laws passed and there is now a woman of color in the Whitehouse. Total, unmitigated disaster for racists. Worst loss since Obama was elected.

On a more serious note, Trump’s claims about being the least racist person in the room and doing more for black people than any president were so obscenely, absurdly, offensively false they don’t even need correcting. But if you’re looking for a simple explanation of why people think Trump is racist, look no further than how completely untroubled he was that he was so beloved by white supremacists. They openly worshiped him and he just soaked it up. If you don’t understand why that makes Trump racist, then you are racist and have some work you need to do on yourself so you can come be a positive contributor to society. We won’t wait for you but we look forward to you joining us.


Love — Trump practically tried to make it unAmerican to love. Incredible. But love always wins. For every child separated from his or her parent, there was an advocate trying to reunite them. For every black man murdered by police, there were crowds of parents helping parents cope with the grief. Trump wore his hate as a badge of honor and encouraged his supporters to do the same. But it couldn’t last. People were made in and for love and Love will always prevail. Now it has one less powerful enemy to fight. When I told one of my sons I was writing this post and got to this point before I even said anything he said, “Love? Love always wins.” Nailed it. Much more on that to come in later posts.


Hate — See “Love” above.


Minorities — First African American Vice President. First Asian American Vice President. So, that by itself is a pretty huge win. How about a President who doesn’t defend white supremacists? How about a President who won’t condemn a real reckoning with our racist past? How about Black and Latinx voters showing up as a true force and demanding not only real attention, but to not be treated as monolithic voting blocks? How about a President who values immigrants? How about a President that doesn’t reenforce racial stereotyping and bigotry by saying things like “kung flu’? How about a President who doesn’t try to use race as a scapegoat for more significant societal problems? How about a President that doesn’t try to treat his neighbors as enemies who need to be shut out with walls when so much of our beautiful culture is owed to the many neighbors we have welcomed in? Any of that sound like a win?

Here’s the truth, I don’t care how many “black friends” you have or how nice you are to people of color or how much you like Morgan Freeman, every mother and father of black children and boys especially appropriately feels safer tonight knowing that Trump is almost gone. Think about that. And I’m not even talking about people from the Mideast or other minorities. Just take black parents and consider that they get to see the world as just a little less dangerous for their sons because they finally have a President who might do something to acknowledge the risks they face. For me, that one thing is enough reason to celebrate getting rid of Trump.


Christians (not all, but many and the way the group as a whole is perceived) — This one is too near and dear to my heart to joke about, even a little. I’ve also written about this a bunch so I’m going to keep it short here. Just know this. Christians en masse sold their collective souls for a chance at political power and influence. They betrayed other Christians, betrayed humanity in general and betrayed Jesus. I know that sounds like incredibly harsh and judgemental language but that’s only because that’s exactly how I mean it to sound. Now that their prize no longer wields power, where does that leave the hundreds of thousands willing to turn a blind eye to evil to get a better shot at compelling others to live according to their own moral code?

Morally bankrupt, without credibility and in desperate need of a complete overhaul and reboot. You can’t serve God and someone who hates people. Time to start over.


LGBTQ communities — Please excuse that incomplete shorthand as I acknowledge how big this is for people whose gender and sexual orientation and identity are something other than a 1950’s sitcom. Violence against this community has skyrocketed under Trump. Why? In part because he constantly sent the message that treating people you don’t like as subhuman was acceptable. Just as this group of people was beginning to be invited into our society through better marriage and employment laws, etc, they were kicked back out, mocked, dehumanized and threatened by our President and the bigots he backed. Well, the head bigot in charge has now been removed.

This, however, like many things on this list, is at best a partial victory. We must now continue the work of bringing all people to our collective table. We must still work diligently to love and accept everyone. To make them full partners in our society. To protect them from hate and violence. To help restore the dignity that is their birthright as much as it is yours or mine. If you are human, you are worthy of love and belonging and safety regardless of who or how you love or how you view yourself. Getting rid of a man who encouraged others to think otherwise is a major victory.


Losers — Losers lost here. By losers I mean people who think it is OK to act like Trump in any way. Apparently there are quite a few out there. They are just finding out, that’s actually not OK. Tough day for them.


Media/The Press — I don’t know if our now disgraced tyrant invented the expression “fake news” but I had never heard it before Trump. And now we know from his own admissions that Trump set out to discredit the media for the explicit purpose of being able to avoid the sting of their inevitable critique. Part of the reason “Freedom of the Press” is in the very first Amendment in the Bill of Rights is because no democracy can survive without it. We have to have information and analysis from different perspectives holding themselves to standards of truth and reporting that allow us to get news from sources other than those also seeking power.

Long before Trump, this was a major issue in this country. The news media has become obsessed with the dollars created by entertainment and long ago began trading their credibility for currency. “Action News” and the sensationalization of every point of possible interest left many Americans repulsed and wondering who they could trust. Trump deserves a large part of the blame for the fatal bungling of the Covid pandemic. But so do the media. They so disregarded the lessons of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” that they gleefully and morbidly predicted the end of the world in every storm watch and new strain of flu. So, when a real wolf was at our door, in the form of a deadly virus, many of us ignored the initial warnings because we had heard it all before from a news media bent on making everything seem like the biggest thing ever.

The press in this country is broken. They blend opinion and fact to the point you can’t tell the difference and remain dangerously beholden to the shadowy money that props them up from their parent corporations to the advertisers that sustain their existence.

So the stage was already set for a pathological Machiavellian disciple to come in and try to shred the last remnants of credibility held loosely by the press. And Trump attacked and continues to attack and turned his followers into mindless sheep willing to accept any level of nonsense that he blessed with a retweet. And it injured not only the press, but the truth itself.

Now that he is mostly gone, the media has a golden opportunity to begin to redeem itself. To unmarry politics from truth telling. I and many other Americans have lost faith in our news media. Now that they are no longer under constant attack, I hope they can re-emerge as the important pillar of democracy they were always meant to be.

And anytime you have a shot at redemption, you have won something.


Late Night hosts and SNL — Biden just isn’t funny. And he’s too boring and humble to really make fun of. Trump jokes practically wrote themselves. Fallon and the SNL crew are going to have to actually work again. My son Griffin and I have a quarantine tradition of watching Last Week Tonight during lunch every week and I think the thing he is most excited for is getting to have an episode that is not centered on Trump. He’s not the only one.


Pollsters — oh man, that was a close one for this group! How much PTSD and deja vu did you get on Election Night? Even after 2016 taught us not to trust the polls, there we were cursing them again for misleading us ahead of the election. I actually heard a polling expert say that this could have essentially been the death of the polling industry as it concerns Presidential elections. Probably hyperbole, but it certainly would have been a bad look. But then all of the states came through basically like the pollsters predicted. And given what a wild card Trump has been in the polls, that’s pretty impressive. I don’t think I will ever really trust them again, but they had a Biden in Pennsylvania type comeback.


Blood pressure medication — Imagine waking up in the morning, checking your favorite news site, and discovering that there are no stories about your President saying or doing something unfathomably stupid or horrifyingly offensive. Don’t you feel just a bit more relaxed even reading that?


Sneakers — When Kamala Harris wore her Chuck Taylors on the campaign trail she took sneakers to a new level. Then she even went on sneakerhead shows like Sneaker Shopping and embraced the sneaker revolution. I’ve been trying to sneakerize the legal profession, but VP Harris really cranked it up. And good for her. Now if anyone can find me a pair of her customized Chucks made to support HBCUs, I wear size 10 in Converse. Sneakers are the thing people. If you need to up your game, reach out and I’ll get you started with an action plan.


Liberal extremists — The liberal wing of the Democratic party wants to take over this country. They don’t want to turn us communist, but they do want to disregard personal accountability and basic fairness while they spend money they did not earn to fix problems they don’t understand while requiring those who have their act together to be the unending salvation for those who have no desire to get their act together. (Whoa, whoa, I thought this was a liberal Trump bashing post!…sorry, got to let my inner conservative out sometimes).

The problem is, that the Country is not with them on that. They did get rid of Trump and that’s good for them like it is for the rest of us. But to do it they had to elect a moderate, because they had to respect those with different ideas about how government should work to build a coalition. That’s a good thing for America but a bad thing for people on either extreme side of the political spectrum. Bush, Obama, Biden…all moderates. That is still the path and I’m glad it is, but for those hoping to build a government around taxing economic engines into oblivion in the name of quick, temporary fixes to problems for people who will not help themselves, this was actually a setback…thank God.


Creepy old white dudes — I mean, it really seemed like the #metoo movement finally had these guys on the run and then we ended up having to put one in the white house just to save ourselves from one of the worst of all time. That’s a big comeback for old white men who don’t understand how to behave appropriately around women. Let’s hope it was a temporary fix to a disaster and nothing more and we can move away again from all non-consensual hair sniffing.


Education/Sense — Our education system has failed us for multiple generations. It is full of fantastic, dedicated, hard-working, talented people who have poured their life into it. But that has not been enough. We are still left with people who can’t follow the math during an election, get totally taken in by a snake-oil salesmen with a terrible record of cons and failed businesses, refuse to listen to scientists during a pandemic, don’t understand the difference between remembering history and celebrating it, believe the Democratic party is part of some underground pedophile sex kabal, can’t tell the difference between a reliable news source and a shill for a megalomaniac, have no understanding of basic civics, and on and on the list goes. It is not a few people. It is millions upon millions. We have failed as a country and are reaping the consequences. It’s not that Trump losing was a loss for education, but his presidency put a huge spotlight on its failures. That’s a loss….which hopefully leads to a win.

“Sense” is in the same boat. I have long said that there is no such thing as common sense because sense is not common and never has that been more evident than the last 4 years. In fact, anyone with sense was shouted to the back of the room. Again, Trump’s exit helps sense, but the way Trump lost shows that it is in bad shape right now.


Science — I’ve written on this one before, but wow did science take a beating the last couple years. I guess when you have no regard for the truth, science isn’t really a thing for you. It was a sadly hilarious theme of the Presidential campaign that Biden kept saying that his response to the pandemic would be based on science. What else would it be based on? Oh yeah, politics and insanity. Well, congratulations science, you are back in the conversation.


Russia/North Korean Leaders — Really, all tyrants lost out here, but none more than the leaders of these two countries. Why do you think Putin was working so hard to get Trump elected again? Same reason he did the first time. Because Trump is in his pocket. Putin easily pushes him around on the world stage and acts with impunity invading his neighbors, supporting cyber attacks on our infrastructure, putting bounties on our troops, ruling with a total disregard for human rights, etc. And what does Trump do? Either nothing, or openly praises him for it. Trump acted like someone completely under Putin’s thumb. Will it surprise anyone if he actually was? So, Putin lost his most powerful lackey.

With North Korea, they could use Trump’s ego to manipulate him into thinking they were going one way and then keep going another. Trump made zero progress on issues with North Korea because he was too busy sucking up to their leader. Bad day for dictators.


Latinx voters — Not only did they have a tremendous turnout, but they also showed that they don’t vote as a unit thereby reminding all of us that people are more than their race or ethnic origin. Somehow the Democrats completely failed to appreciate that fact in Florida. I mean, I’m glad Biden won, but the Democrats as a party continue to make some massive mistakes in these campaigns. Fortunately, it didn’t cost all of us this time. But from now on, both parties are going to have to do better addressing the needs of Latinx voters and that’s a good thing, especially for them. And they are going to have to realize that Cuban communities may have different wants/needs than Mexican Americans or immigrants from other south or central American countries. That’s a win.


Bad suits — Trump is not nearly as rich as he wants us to believe, but he has enough money to buy a decent suit doesn’t he? I mean does he have a Talking Heads obsession? His suits alway looked like he bought them and then lost a lot of weight but his physique tells a different story. It was always very confusing. Biden and Harris both dress pretty well so anyone banking on the “giant suit that fits like a poncho” look being fashion’s next craze has got to be pretty upset about this election.


Conspiracy Theories — You might think they are losers because they lost their main twitter enthusiast, but they have to be considered winners here. For one, Trump’s assault on the truth created a circumstance where conspiracy theories can thrive. Second, Trump’s open invitation to foreign countries to cyber attack us keeps us inundated with crazy falsehoods. That will continue even now that Trump is gone. Also, there are now members of congress who have bought into the Q theories. Holy crap, that stuff is nuts. But when you can say “I won” when you clearly lost or say “we are turning the corner on Covid” with a straight face as we descend into our worst phase, it’s easy to lose track of fact. I’m sure getting rid of Trump will help, but the damage he did has given new life to conspiracy nutjobs the world over.


Trump’s criminal record — Ok, this is really more hope than current reality. Trump has committed many crimes. Some he has admitted to. Others have already been proven in forums that couldn’t lead to justice for Trump’s victims…yet. But he is about to lose his precious immunity and even if he pardons himself for all past crimes, he is still at real risk. One thing I will definitely be doing is volunteering my legal services to each of the lawyers, government and otherwise, seeking to hold Trump liable for his wrongs and crimes. I doubt I have much to add to the legal teams in place, but I would be happy to serve. Trump should be in jail. Soon we will have a chance to see if someone can make that happen.


The Republican party — Trump is entirely unprincipled. But he saw an opportunity in the Republican party to feed his ego and desire for power. So, he adopted a certain brand that would allow him to infiltrate the party and build a campaign around lies, flattery and fear. And then he pretended to care about Christian values to lure them into the party’s center. At that point he bent the party to his own brand of nonsense and effectively gutted the Republican party. He did lasting, maybe permanent damage. But at least now he’s out of the way. Hopefully that will allow the party to return to a platform that looks more like their proud past. That’s way better than winning one election for President.

After spending my life as a Republican I was forced from the party to avoid any affiliation with Trump. Now I will have to figure out if I can return, but at least there is a chance.

But the Republicans also gained something else. The thinking was that there would be another blue wave as a nation rejected Republicans and Trump. Instead, the Republicans rejected Trump only barely enough for him to lose and stayed loyal to the party. They picked up seats in the House and appear to have held onto the Senate. Trump has gone away but clearly this was more a rejection of a person than a rejection of principles which makes sense and may be a positive thing.

Either way, the party is free of the person who hijacked and then cratered it. And the GOP made a surprisingly strong showing in congress. That’s a couple really big wins. Now let’s just hope they have some agenda that consists of something more than obstruction.

Then there are the Oregon Republicans. I imagine some of you are reading this thinking, “they have Republicans in Oregon?” But yes, we do. State Democrats had hoped to increase their majority enough to have a quorum without the other party showing up, thus allowing them to do basically whatever they want. But they were unable to get those seats and so we are still a two party government. Barely, but we need some checks and balances here.


Hypocrisy — Hypocrisy just lost their biggest champion. A man who would tear gas peaceful protesters and clear clergy out of church so he could hold a bible for a camera. A man who wanted to stop voting in states where he was ahead and keep it up in states where he was behind. A man who preached traditional family values while paying off pornstars to cover up his own illicit affairs. A man who hated immigrants while married to one. A man who says he lied about Covid to avoid panic while creating panic related to race, policing, election fraud, etc. Having Trump in the Whitehouse was a once in a generation boon for hypocrisy and losing him is just devastating. Don’t get me wrong, hypocrisy has agents everywhere and I’m certainly not immune myself. But losing Trump? Big, big loss.


Drug addicts — How about some more local flavor? I’m not being flip here. This isn’t a joke about how now it’s easier to be a drug addict because Oregon decriminalized possession of small amounts of street drugs like cocaine and heroin. Instead, drug addicts win because the system took a step toward helping them instead of just punishing them. The law changes so that instead of a misdemeanor, possession of small amounts of the drugs will be a only a non-criminal violation. Money raised will go toward additional treatment. Fewer people in prison and the endless cycle of incarceration and more treatment options. Win win win.


The Electoral College — I’m not a huge fan, though I do see some of the reasoning behind it. But I don’t think it could have survived another Trump victory as Biden wins the popular vote by millions while the 8 people in Wyoming help swing things in favor of the world’s largest, meanest Oompaloompa. But with the popular vote lining up with the EC vote this time around, I think it will live to confuse another day.

I will say this for the EC. From the beginning, our huge country has been one of varied regions. Those geographical regions provide diversity of thought and culture and a series of choices for how you want to live. It is part of what makes us great. But many of those regions are represented by a relatively few people while others have millions. If the election was based purely on population, certain specific regions would universally dominate the Whitehouse. The President would be chosen according to the values and culture in California and New York or at least the coasts. That’s an exaggeration and over simplification and I’m sure if you live in one of those places that sounds good. But it would leave much of the country feeling left out….not unlike they already do thanks to the press, media and pop culture influencers being largely located on the coasts. I’m not saying this argument should carry the day, but I can see the point of it.

Modern communication and transportation has made our country seem small. But you don’t have to travel much to see how different we are from place to place. Even Oregon’s culture is wildly different in downtown Portland than east of the Cascades. Going from California to Texas to Iowa is more like international travel other than the persistence of chain restaurants and (mostly) a common language. We have a tremendous amount in common of course, but we also have a tremendous amount of regional pride. I fear getting rid of the EC would overly favor certain subcultures at the expense of others in a way that could ultimately be divisive.

But like it or not, this year extended its life.


Pictures of your food and pets — Who’s ready to stop seeing the President in their social media feeds 24/7? Whoa, all of you? Of course you are. Well, get your cameras ready because Joe Biden is boring in all the right ways. People don’t really love or hate him and he has a way of never really doing anything that exciting. So, the likes of me can fade away and take our overlong political rants with us (after this one of course). And you can go back to showing off your sourdough bread or how funny your cat looks in a cowboy hat. That’s what the internet was created for and it finally gets to go back to its purpose!


People who oppose abortion — If what you want most is for the government to decide when a woman may choose to have an abortion, then this election result is a wash. No candidate can bring about that particular outcome. Trump is not pro-life. He is an equal disrespecter of all life. And as I have written about at length, the President does not have the ability to amend the Constitution which is what it would take to give the government the right to choose how a woman will handle her pregnancy.

But…the evidence is fairly conclusive that abortions go down considerably when a Democrat is in office because of broader governmental support for birth control and education which leads to fewer unwanted pregnancies and therefore fewer abortions. So, if you are anti abortion, this is a win. If you are anti-people who get abortions, please take some time to reconsider your values.


My faith in humanity — More than 70 million people saw Trump completely fail as only Trump can do. He cost people their lives. He left hundreds of children separated from their parents. He sparked racially charged violence. He lied more than any politician in history (unofficial ranking). He insulted our soldiers. He sexually assaulted dozens of women, etc. etc. And after seeing all of that, they still voted for him. I will never look at America or humanity the same again. I had to abandon the Republican party and even now cringe when I tell people I am Christian thanks largely to Trump. I have lost respect for people I love that will likely never come back and I will mourn the corruption of America and the revelation that so many people here are willing to support evil for as long as I am alive.


The Entire World — This seems obvious but shouldn’t be left out. America is the world’s protector of democracy and freedom. It is the greatest source of humanitarian aid and a powerful ally to all nations who respect freedom and liberty. Or at least it was until Trump’s America First policies became “America Only” apparently forgetting that the world is too connected and small for isolationism to be anything but dangerous. With democracy and freedom now safer, the world is safer. Also, we no longer have a deranged sociopath holding the trigger of our nuclear arsenal or commanding the world’s most powerful military. So, we’ve now got that going for us….which is nice.

If you are a Democrat, party on. Your guy won. Ok, he’s not really your guy, but he was the guy you needed to beat the bad guy and that worked out. Plus he got a woman of color into the Whitehouse and that’s pretty dang significant. If you are a Republican, start some celebrating. You have a chance to reclaim your party from the Q radicals and Religious extremists. If you are a Trumpublican loyalist, this is the end. Your messiah won’t admit it, but the rest of the world sees it. The good news is, America is the land of second chances and all you need to start yours is to put away your tinfoil hat, turn off Fox News, block Trump’s twitter feed and start being decent again.

So, there you have it. Not a complete list, but means to reflect a little on what we’ve just experienced. Who would you add?

With any luck this will be one of my last posts about Donald Trump until he is being prosecuted. Thank you for listening. Thank you to anyone who took something I said to heart. Thank you for putting up with my hysterical rantings.

Now, go be proud of America again. You’ve earned it.



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