Breaking Social Norms

It is quite an interesting experience when people break the unwritten rules of the online social world. As the Joker says in The Dark Knight, people are fine as long as everything goes as planned, and that they will freak out if something does not. I chose the experiment of going totally off topic in the comment sections of one of my friends Facebook post. His post was about stuff that he had purchased at the bookstore of the school he went to and the comments were about who the stuff was going to. I, out of nowhere and completely randomly, commented asking him if he likes pie and then again if he likes blueberries. He commented back asking if there was some reference to something that he was not getting. I explained to him that it was part of an experiment and he messaged me and we chatted a bit about what I had to do for the experiment. It was interesting seeing his reaction to it, thinking that it was some kind of reference. He seemed pretty interested in the experiment and wanted to know about it. What was also different was that the post was from two days ago and he typically posts at least once a day. It was a nice experiment to try, and I was glad that it lead to some good interaction with my friend.