Fake News

For our class assignment, I decided I was not creative enough to come up with some fake news so I decided to go to the best source I know — the onion. So, I browsed the onion until I found a piece that wasn’t too extreme and I could make it look like I wrote it. It was a small piece about monopoly changing the thimble piece to something else, with examples such as a hashtag and an emoji.

Half of the people who liked/interacted with the post were people in the class, while the other two were my friend who is abroad and my grandma. My grandma does not fact check anything and basically will believe anything I post. She does a lot of those “copy and paste if you don’t want your account deleted” stuff on Facebook as well but I can’t get through to her.

As for those who commented, one was my grandmother, one is an acquaintance of mine from high school, and the last is a game developer who is closer in age to my grandma who I just happen to have friended in on facebook. I can see that they don’t fact check and just accept what people say without a second thought.

Even though I reached a very small audience, I believe I got the results I wanted — people believe things quickly on the internet and generally fail to fact check.