Gullibility of Drunk Students

When food writers discuss food, they should divide it into two categories: sober food and drunk food. Sober food is what you eat when you go to a fancy restaurant and want real artisanship put into your food. It’s what you want to spend lots of money on eating. Drunk food is what you shove down your throat after a night of heavy drinking in the misguided hope that it’ll absorb whatever alcohol hasn’t yet made it into your blood stream. -Matt Hershberger
Hot dog and other stands often surround large college campuses, but Juniata doesn’t have enough students to attract that many businesses.

I don’t have much credibility when it comes to speaking to larger groups of people. I am a college student with gullible friends, so I often tend to twist the truth to get a good laugh or start some sort of drama between other people. Because this is all so familiar to me, it was fairly easy and simple to come up with a story that would be believable and exciting while also being something people would get behind.

When I came here in the Fall of 2014, I was excited to meet new people and “find myself” as most college students like to say. On the weekends, I would often hang out with my friends, and after a long night of enjoying ourselves, there was always a void in our stomachs. This wasn’t something that would just go away, either. Some nights we would get Sheetz, other nights we’d go to BK, and on rare occasions, there was another option. Some weekends an older gentleman named Sam would set up his hot dog cart on the corner of East. This man was great to talk to, but more importantly, he made an amazing hot dog.

These hot dogs revolutionized the concept of “drunk food”. They filled the void that we all looked to fill. His prices were decent (around $2 for a hot dog) so you can imagine that he got a lot of business throughout the night. I guess it wasn’t enough though, as Sam stated last semester that he would be selling his business in the near future. This was saddening, but we would survive with club sales in the East kitchens. Well recently, these groups haven’t been selling, and when they did, it was too expensive for most of us (and that’s saying something that an intoxicated person thinks its too expensive).

So what did I spread to the campus? I said that Sam would be back for one final “hoorah”, selling hot dogs for .50 each this Saturday in his usual spot. People got excited, while others didn’t believe me. Writing what they said won’t really do it justice, so you can scroll through all of the responses I received after sending this fake news via Facebook and Snapchat.

Some people believed it wholeheartedly…
While others were skeptical due to my history of stretching the truth

Overall, I thought the experiment was a success. I was able to convince a lot of people and start a conversation regarding this incredible hot dog stand. I even had a few people standing on the lawn waiting for Sam to arrive. Thankfully my experiment didn’t turn out like many others, where friends and family were concerned, upset, and confused.