I am really looking forward to getting to work on my online animated series. This is something I have been planning for around four years and I am glad that I am finally putting it in motion. I will be posting my pilot episode on YouTube, as well as swampyahd.com, and I will be following that up with more episodes, probably in the fall. I am hoping to get out one episode every week. The series is called Swamp Yahd, and it focuses around the Swamp Yahd School District in the Massachusetts town of Blicester (pronounced Blister). This is something that I feel I will really enjoy writing and animating. The genre will be comedy/slice of life and will focus on the students of the schools and their families and how they live their daily lives. Four years has given me a lot of time to think about what I want my writing to be like and I think I know just what I am going to do. For the animation, I will be using different techniques and styles. For the specific characters, I will be using two-dimensional cartoon computer animation. For the environments, backgrounds, and objects (pretty much anything that is not a character) I will be using three-dimensional CGI animation. I will be presenting my pilot episode at Juniata College’s Liberal Arts Symposium and explaining the process of how I developed it. I look forward to talking about my pilot and seeing all the other presentations at the Liberal Arts Symposium.