Watching VS Playing

I have gotten asked, “Why do you watch people play video games when you can just buy it?” This is a question that many people ask me when I tell people that I like to watch video games online. They don’t get the point. I tried to explain why but I’m awful at trying to explain things. Then I came to an explanation that helped me explain it to other. I said, “Why do people listen to music online when they can just buy it? Or why do people watch movies online illegally?” These references usually make people understand a little.

There are three main reasons why I watch video games online. First, I do not want to pay $40-$60 on a game when I don’t even know if I like it or not. I hate wasting money on a game if it isn’t worth the money I spend. If I watch a person playthrough a game, I can make an informed decision about a game. I like to know that if I spend $60 on a game I am going to like it. Even though parts of the video might spoil the storyline, I can still understand if I like the game or not.

Second, I watch different YouTubers play games for entertainment. Even though many people might record a “let’s play” or playthrough of a certain game, but each YouTuber is different. Therefore it makes the YouTuber and viewer’s experience unique. Also viewers will find that YouTubers plays the game differently; epically if it is an open world or role playing game (RPG). There are many different YouTubers to choose from.

Third, I like to watch games for the storyline (if there is one). I often watch people play RPGs for the story or just know what the game is about so I can talk to people about it without spending $60 on a game. For example, I watched Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, and many Tell Tale games without actually playing it. I watched these games so I know the story and can talk to people if they bring it up to me. These are games that I would not pay for but want to know the story behind it.

So there, that is why I watch people play video games online. It is mostly for entertainment purposes but also financial reasons. The next time someone asks me why I watch people play video games, I can give them a link to this post.