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Train your brain and create a Pixel Art.


Imagers is puzzle game designed for Apple TV. It is a result of the 8 month overtime job of three people — developer, graphic designer and level designer.

The game combines simple and easy to learn rules with some kind of art creation. Players will try to solve puzzle and discover a pixel art image made of color blocks.

The whole game contains 100 puzzles in three different sizes/difficulty levels which should last to 6–8 hours of play. Single level depending on the size could be finished in 1–10 minutes. The game is designed for players who enjoy nonogram/picross like challenges where logic thinking combine with creating pixel art. Simple rules make it also suitable for any casual gamers (ability to count to 10 is neccessary).


The game name comes from a connection of two words — image and numbers. It was created because both Kamil (software developer) and Michał (graphic designer) are players and love playings video games. When the new platform — 4th gen Apple TV — appears they decided to make a game with unique and simple rules that could be played by anyone in from of them TV sets.

App Store Descriptions:

Unravel a puzzle and discover a pixel art images hidden behind colorful tiles with numbers. 100 challenging puzzles across 5 level packs are waiting for your brain cells. Easy to learn rules, simple Apple Remote control, and many fun when grid with tiles became a piece of art.


  • Unique gameplay.
  • Three puzzle sizes.
  • 5 packs — Small, Medium, Large, Animals and Fantasy with 20 puzzles in each.
  • iCloud support. Your progress will be safe on your iCloud account.
  • Available only on Apple TV.
  • Play in English🇺🇸, Japanese🇯🇵 or Polish🇵🇱.


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Imagers is in continues development by Hydra Softworks, one person company from Poznań, Poland runs by Kamil Powałowski (@kamilpowalowski). Kamil works as an iOS app developer in a daytime and as a game developer when the night comes. The Imagers game will never be ready without a help of Kamil’s girlfriend Nadzieja Kosińska and awesome graphic designer Michał Ratajczak(@micr). The final shape of the game is also the merit of a group of testers participating in the open and closed beta tests.

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