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IoT & Smart Homes: These 7 Companies Are Totally Rocking It

You may have heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), but what does that really mean? In short, it refers to the growing number of devices that are connected to the internet and can be controlled or monitored remotely. This includes everything from smart thermostats and lightbulbs to refrigerators and door locks.

Many people are using IoT technology in their homes already, and the market for smart homes is only going to grow bigger in the years ahead. If you’re interested in getting a piece of this action, here are seven companies that you should keep an eye on:

JOSH was born out of the idea that your home should inspire, embolden, and delight you and the people around you. By utilizing advanced AI technologies, including natural interfaces like voice and touch, Josh orchestrates the technology in all aspects of your home to deliver an exciting and effortless living experience.


Sighthound develops smart surveillance software powered by Computer Vision, provides computer vision cloud API for developers and Vision SDK, accelerating third-party products with proprietary deeply-learned computer vision technology.

SoftBank Robotics

SoftBank Robotics develops robots and offers robot-related products and services, including “Pepper”.


ROOBO is dedicated to creating a holistic system that integrates world-leading A.I. robot systems, products, and services. They develop Pudding — smart robots for children and ROS.AI — artificial intelligence solution platform that provides developers with a complete AI system solution consisting of chips, modules, operating systems, content applications, cloud service, and others for household electric appliances, automobiles, robots, and other industries, and is a more comprehensive and flexible open platform and a solution platform.

Nest Labs

Nest Labs is a home automation company manufacturing sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled, self-learning thermostats and smoke detectors.


Ecobee is a provider of Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats that comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in for residential and commercial applications.

The future is here and we’re just getting started. There are so many new possibilities for the home of tomorrow, and these 7 companies have got it totally rocking. What do you think about the IoT revolution? Let us know in the comments below! provide you with an easy way to build image datasets.

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