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These 7 Companies Are Developing Artificial Intelligence For Self-Driving Vehicles

Large companies such as Google and Apple are not the only ones developing artificial intelligence for self-driving vehicles. In fact, there are a number of smaller companies that are also working on this technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about self-driving cars, or curious about which company is leading the charge in this area, then be sure to check out this blog post!


TuSimple was founded in San Diego in 2015 with a mission to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry.

We are solving the trucking industry’s most pressing challenges by enabling reliable, low-cost freight capacity as a service while setting a new standard for safety and fuel efficiency.

TuSimple technology is transforming the way freight moves in nearly every way. Through the development of the industry’s best autonomous driving system, we’re creating a new standard for safety, dramatically improving efficiency, while reducing both operational costs and the truck’s carbon footprint.


Oxbotica’s autonomy platform provides software to bring autonomy to any industry.

Autonomy will let all vehicles do more. It is set to change the world we live in, disrupting the way we move people and goods across a multitude of industries. Our Universal Autonomy software makes that possible.

We provide a full suite of Universal Autonomy software that is fully modular, has low computing power requirements, and uses best-in-class laser vision and radar for localization and perception for redundancy and safety purposes. Our suite is also self-contained, requiring no external infrastructure or third-party maps works in fully GPS denied environments, and is fully integrated with a cloud management service.

Our Universal Autonomy software provides a full set of installation and operating tools including mapping, simulation, audit, risk management, and insurance.

Cruise Automation

Cruise vehicles are purpose-built for self-driving at a dedicated GM manufacturing plant. Our cutting-edge hardware and software work seamlessly together to transform the way we all experience transportation.

Self-driving vehicles are one of the greatest engineering challenges of our generation. The potential to save millions of lives, reshape our cities, give people more time, and restore freedom of movement for many motivates our teams at Cruise every day.

We are committed to being a great citizens in the cities we serve, starting here in San Francisco. We work closely with local organizations and community groups to build an all-electric, self-driving service that works for all of us.


Aurora was started by industry luminaries, and now we’re a team with a multitude of experiences and perspectives. With decades of engineering, science, and domain expertise, we’re incorporating our best practices to create a company for the long-term and building the Aurora Driver that will deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly.

Ride Vision

At Ride Vision, our mission is to save riders’ lives. Our groundbreaking product was designed to combine image recognition and artificial intelligence to prevent motorcycle collisions. We are committed to providing riders with this accessible, affordable, and lifesaving technology.


Neurala is dedicated to helping manufacturers enhance their vision inspection process. The AI-powered visual quality inspection goes beyond the capabilities of machine vision alone in detecting anomalies and product variations. Using our proven vision AI technology, manufacturers can continue to scale production and adapt to workforce changes, while achieving even higher levels of quality control.

Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive Technologies is a pioneer of AI-based driver assistance systems. The company developed C-Pilot, an intelligent autonomous driving system that can be installed in cars and other vehicles. provide you with an easy way to build image datasets.
15K+ categories to choose from
Consistent folders structure for easy parsing
Advanced tools for dataset pre-processing: image format, data split, image size, and data augmentation.

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