AnthroTechtonics: What if everyone improves all the time?

Could we become a world where everyone can improve all the time, regardless of their education level?

Picture a real-time global wave based on measuring success, with solutions delivered to fill each of our personal gaps through optional Active Knowledge and Active Resources. Continuous online communities will add larger and more powerful solutions.

With Expandiverse Technology everyone can rise to Personal Greatness, so greatness will become normal. A fully digital planet will transform how we live, earn, spend, learn, solve problems and be entertained.

Can we become a world where everyone can improve all the time — so it’s normal for everyone to rise to the top of society on a Digital Earth they control?

If we could all reach for greatness today and every day, we would live in a different kind of world—a self-controlled culture and economy without obstacles or limits.

We all have different goals, but what if it became normal for most human beings to become quite good at many things? One output of Active Knowledge (AK) is that we may learn more quickly the best ways of achieving our goals, then reach for them. With Active Resources an embedded choice, wouldn’t most people choose to succeed immediately?

After all, when each new type of performance is learned by the network, then delivered as part of doing, what kind of world will it be when far more people actually succeed at what they set out to do?

And what kind of economy will it be when far more people take action to leap ahead quickly as they see others like them advance and prosper?

Well, our world might become one with huge, unexpected surges forward as people and businesses reach for what they want — creating new prosperity conditions as they expand activities, consumption and market sizes.

An “AnthroTechtonic” world: Everyone is in control

“AnthroTechtonic” is a new name for a world that can surge forward repeatedly. This new word is a portmanteau of “anthro” for people, “tech” for new technology that accelerates human success, and “tectonic” for the impact, magnitude and speed of large numbers of people who achieve much more. It’s a digital society’s equivalent of plate tectonics’ earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain ranges.

It’s possible that an AnthroTechtonic society will reveal three hidden truths:

1. We can each become effective and great beyond anything we have yet imagined.

2. Together we are immensely capable.

3. Today’s greatness can become tomorrow’s new standard.

Glimpses of our coming AnthroTechtonic world surround us. Large numbers of people have used online connections to swarm into new options starting with the Internet. Some of these examples include search, e-commerce, free Skype calls, blogging, maps with GPS directions, Instagram, Twitter, Cloud services, global ecosystems from Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon, and more.

What’s next? Some new possibilities are in Expandiverse Technology:

• New continuous devices will follow you, serve you and respond to you… rather than the other way around.

• As you use your continuous devices, Active Knowledge will find you so you can succeed in many more tasks.

• E-commerce is embedded in Active Knowledge, so you will see your gap from the “best” and can switch immediately to what’s better, or even to what’s best.

• Easy switches could include buying, renting, subscribing, free trials, free use, or other options.

• One possible switch could be to use any part of the whole digital world as your personal resource, with Active Knowledge guidance, to reach a high level of achievement rapidly.

• By using your continuous screens to do and to live, a powerful and capable world will support you as part of everyday life, to improve your future faster and farther than what we can imagine today.

• By being connected to tomorrow’s networks, the same could be true for everyone, perhaps even billions around the world.

New ways to open new markets and stimulate economic growth

Suppose we could all improve our abilities and lives faster and farther than what we can imagine today. What would you do with new abilities at your fingertips? Are you ready to dream again? Are you ready to live in a world where your — and everyone’s — dreams could come true?

Imagine a new app that continuously monitors your health from the smart phone you have with you throughout your day. Imagine it connected to back-end services that can provide you optional tips as you live your life — you turn its different kinds of tips on or off as you want them, and you use its guidance or not as you decide. At any moment you can glance at your personal dashboard and see how close you are to good health, your unique options, and the steps that you take (or not) to stay healthy. Your personal health is no longer an abstract goal. It’s steps you see, understand and control. You always see as much as you want about setting your personal goals, and receiving the guidance you want so you can do what you choose, as you go through your day.

A world this dynamic, this self-driven, would surely become better and more enlightened, as well as fun and entertaining, when everyone could set personal goals and become what they choose. Many would enjoy wider options, a swifter pace and more progress — in both adventures and achievements.

Once we reach this kind of future how quickly might new changes develop and happen? How quickly might different kinds of people decide to start many kinds of new advances? Would 5,000 or 50,000 people get excited about an advance and trigger a new goal, then maybe 50 million or 500 million people reach it? Could we flip societies’ pyramids and start enjoying more winners than losers, in the ways we each define winning? How might that affect the ways and amounts we consume and how executives run their businesses?

For one thing it would mean part of the retail channel would shift inside our devices and tasks, to the point of Active Knowledge use. If doing leads to AK deliveries of our best choices, the buying surges we activate in these leaps ahead may drive soaring revenues and market share shifts. Streams of advances will lead industries, not just companies.

For another thing it suggests AnthroTechtonic societies whose people could advance rapidly in the many ways they choose, with a new platform for overall human advances that might surpass anything we’ve enjoyed so far.

Once your Active Knowledge gets to know you, your possibilities can be endless — but more importantly, actually attainable. Isn’t this the ideal of what education is trying to teach today, from pre-K through Stanford and Harvard? An AnthroTechtonic society reaches everyone and enables them to think about what they want, take action, pursue goals and take the steps they want toward their life’s dreams.

All the time. Everywhere. By billions of people. Whose individual choices will drive an AnthroTechtonic world.

Next Section and Chapter: Shared Planetary Life Spaces: A new day. Together…

What happens when we replace on/off connections with tomorrow’s continuous digital world?

Dan Abelow is an independent inventor, author, speaker and technology consultant. His previous patents have been licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and others. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

The Expandiverse is new technology to simultaneously solve personal, economic and societal problems worldwide. Within months after its first patent issued, it was cited over 450 times by subsequent patents.

The Expandiverse vision is a people-first Digital Earth that includes:

  • A Global Digital Transformation that eclipses individual company transformations, by developing personal and planetary success.
  • Personal Exponential Growth begins, so everyone can rise to Personal Greatness and start Universal Prosperity. This accelerates growth throughout continuously connected markets and supply chains.
  • Partnership Capitalism shifts Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the marketplace” (from 1776) to the “visible hand of digital consumers.” When people use Digital Boundaries, customer-centered companies can respond accurately. People receive Journeys to Quality Lives.
  • A small number of winner-take-all companies can drive this Expandiverse transformation. Your company can use this to lead your Industries, then scale that to lead a people-first Digital Earth.

Industry Roadmaps, Executive Briefings and Foresight Examples are at the Digital Earth 2025 website.

Expandiverse Technology and Services are at the Expandiverse website.

Can you envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper? If yes, can you share this with senior executives who may want to lead a people-first Digital Earth and its Digital Economy?

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