When will technology make today’s greatness normal and include everyone?

As Inequality and our Crisis of Success deepen, will we Journey to Greatness and make everyone powerful and capable people?

We are reaching a historic turning point: The Earth is rapidly becoming a digital planet. Our generation can build a People-First Digital Earth.
When we design, build and run a digital world, we will control reality. Let’s make it a great one.

With new technology, could today’s greatness become normal?

Until now humanity has known one reality, physical reality, and it controls us.

We are reaching a historic turning point: The Earth is rapidly becoming a fully digital planet. Our generation will use new technology to build the first digital world. We’re departing. When we design, build and run the digital world, we control reality.

The biggest question is obvious: What will our digital world be?

The techie’s reply is, well, technical: New or evolved devices, interfaces, connections, presence, services, tools, networks, data centers, systems, processes, content and many (many!) other systems integrated together. That’s what fills the Expandiverse’s documentation and IP.

But “What?” is the wrong question. The right question is, “Why?

Why build a Digital Earth?

The reason the Expandiverse was invented is the answer to “Why?”

It was created to support all our personal journeys, not deliver us to an ideal destination.

There is no one utopia for all of us, but there are unique personal utopias for each of us. As we each find ours, we might try to build a great world for everyone together.

Here’s an example of a personal Expandiverse journey: Can you reach your personal dreams if you are digitally free and supported in new ways? Who and what do you really want to be? When you control reality, you’ll get to choose. And you can try repeatedly until you find each of your dreams.

Here’s an example of a shared Expandiverse journey: Can technology give everyone a lifetime of chances to reach greatness? Could we enable a planet where everyone can rise to the top by achieving upward — without revolutions or attacking those at the top? What would our world be if everybody could become a winner… and become whatever they choose?

Here’s another, for a planet’s Expandiverse journey: Starting about 2025, when 8 to 10 billion people have a large crisis, it will affect a city or region. Tens or hundreds of millions of people will be affected. We must be a capable digital planet to handle that instantly — to collaborate, coordinate and contain crises before they begin, while they happen, and after they explode. A world of 9 billion people must be a world of great people. That’s the only way it will survive—together, constantly connected and able to achieve everything.

The next step on our oldest Journey

The Expandiverse is more than “technology.” It’s an unexpected step to use today’s digital transition to try for one of humanity’s oldest dreams.

Is it possible for all our dreams to come true, all at once? By all 7 to 9 billion of us?

That won’t be built instantly, but we could see the opportunity and begin building a Digital Earth that includes everyone, where everyone can win.

A world where everyone can reach for their dreams, and many more can actually live them.

When you’re in the Expandiverse let me know… Are you having fun yet?

Next Step: Expandiverse Roadmaps to prosperity and greatness for all.

Lead your industry, then scale and help lead the world.

Dan Abelow is an independent inventor, author, speaker and technology consultant. His previous patents have been licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and others. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

The Expandiverse is new technology to simultaneously solve personal, economic and societal problems worldwide. Within months after its first patent issued, it was cited over 450 times by subsequent patents.

The Expandiverse vision is a people-first Digital Earth that includes:

  • A Global Digital Transformation that eclipses individual company transformations, by developing personal and planetary success.
  • Personal Exponential Growth begins, so everyone can rise to Personal Greatness and start Universal Prosperity. This accelerates growth throughout continuously connected markets and supply chains.
  • Partnership Capitalism shifts Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the marketplace” (from 1776) to the “visible hand of digital consumers.” When people use Digital Boundaries, customer-centered companies can respond accurately. People receive Journeys to Quality Lives.
  • A small number of winner-take-all companies can drive this Expandiverse transformation. Your company can use this to lead your Industries, then scale that to lead a people-first Digital Earth.

Industry Roadmaps, Executive Briefings and Foresight Examples are at the Digital Earth 2025 website.

Expandiverse Technology and Services are at the Expandiverse website.

Can you envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper? If yes, can you share this with senior executives who may want to lead a people-first Digital Earth and its Digital Economy?

Get in touch. Let’s discuss how your company can improve lives and fortunes everywhere, and lead our planet.