5 questions for Eman

Senior software automation engineer at Westwing

Eman — now in Munich at Westwing

Hi Eman, nice to meet you. Who are you?

  • I’m Eman, I am from Cairo
  • I have a BSc Computer Engineering/Software Automation from Helwan University
  • Also, I have a Diploma from ITI in Software Quality Assurance

What are you up to now?

  • I live in Munich since the end of 2017
  • I do automation tests for the e-commerce software solutions of Westwing
  • In my free time, I help out at Imagine!

Why did you move to Germany?

  • I wanted to enhance my career path and learn more — at work and beyond
  • I focused on Munich in Germany because I have a friend who lives here

What was the application process like at Westwing?

  • Pretty straight-forward. I applied on Linkedin and sent my CV
  • I also applied to a few other jobs but Westwing replied first. They are one of the biggest and best German e-commerce companies! Overall I was lucky, it took me only a few weeks to find the job
  • I then had 4 interviews with HR, quality and product mgmt., and the CTO

What advice do you have for our Imagine Fellows?

  • You can learn a lot from great employers in Egypt. I was at Vodafone and Integrant. At Integrant, I served US-based clients. Great preparation for Europe!
  • Invest some time into building your skills. I worked as manual and automation tester for more than 4 years before applying to jobs in Germany.
  • Focus on your CV. Mine is just 1 page, essentials only: Specific details of what I did on my last job, a concise summary of my tech stack, and a clear statement as to what I was looking for (“summary”).

Finally: Get started, and do not give up! I know so many people who are incredibly smart but they don’t dare to apply, or get very discouraged by a few rejections. If you don’t try, you won’t succeed!

Want to learn more about Eman? Check out her Linkedin profile. Also, take a look at Eman’s CV (it’s a really good one).

— Your friends at Imagine.

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