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22 do’s, don’ts and no-go’s for your CV

How to craft a winning CV (2022 update, incl. templates)

Getting the job — it starts with a good CV.

What makes a great CV?

Magic factor 1: Match.

A recent job post at a startup in Berlin/Germany.

Too often we see people apply first, think later. This tactic is known as “spray and pray”, sending the same CV out to 50 firms and hoping for the best. Don’t do that. The rejections will hurt your brand, and also your ego.

Magic factor 2: Simplicity.

A great CV does not have to be beautiful. It needs to be clearly structured and well readable.

Want to see a great CV? Here is one — ready for you to use as a template. You’re welcome.

Here’s a list of 22 CV do’s, don’ts, and absolute no-go’s



Finally, no-go’s.

Need a ‘cheat’ for your English grammar, spelling and punctuation? Install the Grammarly Chrome extension. We also use it. It works like a charm, and it’s free:

Summing up



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