Imagine That Startup #1 — JASK, AI powered cyber security


Artificial intelligence arranges your meetings, unlocks your phones through face recognition and trades stocks on the international stock markets. But that’s nothing compared to how JASK, a cyber security startup uses the wonderful invention of AI. Find out more about our first Imagine That Startup!

AI & Cybersecurity: A great match?

JASK, founded in 2015 by cyber security veteran Greg Martin (ThreatStream, ArcSight), built a security tracking platform from the ground up. Focused around the idea of serving security departments in the same way a Tsunami alarm warns citizens to run from their houses and move towards higher grounds. Although, in 99% of the times, it doesn’t get to the stage of evacuation. That’s why AI is so great a use in industries like cyber security. The general idea behind JASK’s platform Trident, is predictive technology that allows security analysts to act quickly when the cyber threat alarm bell rings.

You would think: “My Norton Antivirus used to do that as well.” True that, you smart ass. But your Norton Antivirus is not capable of being one step ahead of new cyber treats like the one that happened to the San Francisco public transport company a couple of weeks ago (we truly are living in digital ages when hackers are holding a company for ransom). The Norton’s and Mcafee’s of this world are only capable of detecting an already known source of cyber threat. What JASK does happens before a cyber threat becomes “known”.

Contemplating on this subject, it becomes rather clear that without the AI that JASK has developed, the cyber security business is in a very dangerous position. The digital world is moving in a crazy fast way and our simple human brain is not capable of staying up to date with the developments.


Automation to the rescue!

The Trident platform crawls through a huge amount of data coming from many different sources and fuses this with threat intelligence software. This software, such as STIX and TAXII “translates” the data into an understandable form. Security officers then can share and take care off the detected treat. This part, of course, is automated. No human interaction intervenes with this process. This way JASK allows large enterprises to automate their security operations. “You have to move faster to keep up with threats,” the founder Greg Martin said in a statement. And in 2016, faster means Artificial Intelligence.

In order to develop this complex product, JASK recently raised $2 million in funding. The company is set to release its platform in the second half of 2016. The product consists of the data mining and advanced analytics platform mentioned above together with many other tools to offer companies a more holistic views inside their data inside and outside the firewall.


What does the future holds for Cyber Security?

It’s kind of painful to realise that our human brain and the way we use it has been rated as “not good enough” when it comes to securing you, me and most of all large companies with many data servers across the globe.

At the same time, it will take some time to get used to the fact that our security on the web is in the hands of bots. A leach keeps a dog close when he is raised well but a bot that is smarter than its master/creator is an unchained missile and no one can predict where it will strike eventually.

Also, most bots today are used on the “good” side of cyber security at the moment. But on the “wrong” side, the side of cyber attacks, malware and viruses, bots can be used in the same and powerful way. This is a horror story with no end in sight that a human will read but won’t be able to intervene in. Once it is set in action, a developer has already lost control over a malware or DDoS bot. It will execute the initial task but such as humans it will learn and adapt to its surroundings. Long story short: Bots will be talking to bots, and for humans there will be no translator in sight.


The most important task for the future of startups like JASK, is centered around what is mentioned in the previous paragraph. Developing bots that do the cyber security for us without the influence of the DDoS and other cyber bad guys. More focus needs to be on the data mining and shaping of a internet structure that is manageable with those bots. And most of all to create an ecosystem built on transparency, common sense and at the same time secured enough to not fall into the hands of the “bad guys”.

What are your thoughts on cyber security and AI? Is it a good thing or is this the beginning of a crazy cyber rollercoaster? Does this makes you feel safer or does it scare you?

In short: JASK

Name: JASK
Pitch: Building the world’s first predictive “security operations center” to help large enterprises automate their security operations and find — and react to — dangerous threats faster.
Founded: 2015
Founder: Greg Martin
Stage: Pre-Product Launch
On the interwebz:
- Website:,
- Twitter/Facebook: @jasklabs

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