Tweet from TODO comments with imdone-atom and glitch

Jesse Piascik
Apr 10, 2017 · 3 min read

imdone-atom and have received an upgrade! We now have a new integration type, webhooks. The cool thing about webhooks, is they’re 100% flexible, eventful, and now because of glitch, easy as hell to implement. To get you started, I’ve put together a twittter webhook that you can remix in glitch and use for yourself. Read on to find out how.

Install Atom editor and imdone-atom

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Atom Editor is an open source, hackable text editor made by GitHub. imdone-atom is the package that turns your TODO comments in code and plain text files into a task board.

Just visit the atom website to download and install Atom editor. You can then install imdone-atom by going to Edit>Preferences>Install and searching for imdone-atom. We’re working on a stand alone app that doesn’t require atom, so stay tuned!

Sign up for

To make things happen when your TODO comments change, you have to sign up at Just click the “Sign up with GitHub” button. Once you’re github account is linked, you’ll be asked to provide a password to sign in with imdone-atom.

Remix the imdone twitter webhook on glitch

Next, head on over to the imdone-webhook-twitter project on glitch and click the “Sign in” button. Once you’re signed in, you’ll have to click the “Remix this” button so you can later modify the .env file with your twitter credentials and webhook secret.

Start using with your atom project

Next, open the imdone-atom package in an atom project of your choosing by opening a file in the project and pressing (Alt + t). You should then see a screen like this one below.

Enter your email and password to log in and you’ll be presented with the screen below. Just click the “Use with this project” button and your project will sync with

Create a webhook integration for your project

After your project first syncs with, you’ll see the connectors configuration screen.

Switch the webhooks integration “on” and configure your webhook.

To get the payload URL, visit your remix of the imdone-twitter-webhook on glitch and click the “Show Live” button. This will open a new tab. Copy the url and past it into the payloadURL field. You should also add a secret and check the active box to start sending notifications to the webhook.

Update your webhook’s .env file

Now that your webhook is configured, you’ll have to visit twitters developer page to get some credentials and update the .env file in your webhook’s glitch project to look something like this.

Now, since your glitch project is auto saving, all you have to do is create a TODO comment in your atom project and blam! Tweet sent!

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