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Simple SEO Success

SEO strategy that gets results and grows your business. Get trained with simple SEO strategies, hire iMedia to manage SEO for you, or self-teach yourself using the links below!

Simple SEO Success includes the following: (links coming soon…)

  • Best keywords and hashtags to use for your business’ online content (based on internet and app search data).
    - A list of content ideas that engage prospects and retain customers.
    - A business listing in Google and Bing search engines.
    - Meta Data that gets noticed in online searches.
    - Social Media posts that attract more followers, and drive traffic to your website.
    - Google Analytics set-up to monitor your website’s traffic data.
    - Improved Google Quality Score.

Also, learn strategies to make meaningful connections and find your target audience — the ones who are waiting for you, and those you prefer to work with. Marketing with purpose and creating a sustainable business go a long way!

​Let iMedia manage your SEO — or — Learn Simple SEO Success strategies through 1-on-1 training with SEO expert Fabiana Meredith.

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Fabiana Meredith is the co-founder of — a holding company founded to inspire people to live full, complete lives.



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Fabiana Meredith

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