How to Meditate at Work - 2 Guided Meditation

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Many professionals are seeking for an easy way on how to meditate at work because of various reasons. We spend most of our time at work. During these hours that we stay there we have to solve several problems and difficult situations. Learning how to meditate at work is one of the most easy and simple technique to get away from the stress and find a solution to these difficult situations.

How to Meditate at Work

All of this creates a great deal of stress and the consequences of this are lack of concentration, lack of attention, decreased productivity and other infinity of problems.

To improve our well-being and our daily lives, one of the best alternatives is meditation. Learn how to meditate at work with the tips that we will pass on to you.

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How to Meditate at Work?

When we talk about meditation at work it seems that we are going to miss an entire shift to practice, which is a misconception. For that moment, you can reserve 5 minutes of your break or even meditate while working.

Below you can follow the step-by-step 2 guided meditation techniques, tips and benefits of this quick, simple and easy 5 minutes daily meditation at work.

Guided Office Work Desk Meditation

Guided Meditation at Work

  • At break time (while at work), sit comfortably and with a straight spine
  • Close your eyes and breathe gently
  • Focus your attention on your breath
  • Just feel the air coming and going
  • At this point, it is ideal to pay attention to how we breathe - that’s it - it’s as simple

The right thing is to breathe, filling the abdomen and exhaling, emptying it. This is the breath of when we were babies. If your breath is in the chest or higher, keep training until it goes down to the abdomen. This lower breath works as a relaxant.

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Practicing this meditation just for 5 minutes in your break time daily at work will actually help you get instant relaxation and it will help you tremendously to deal with all the stress and work load.

Mindfulness While Working

If you are one of those people who are very agitated and think you will not be able to sit for 5 minutes and “doing nothing”, we have another way for you to meditate at work without having to sit and meditate.

While you work:

  • You can stop for a moment and look around where you are
  • If it is cold or hot
  • What noise you are hearing
  • If the weather is cloudy
  • If you are comfortable in your chair
  • Observe yourself
  • Feel, perceive where you are
  • Be there at that moment, with no thoughts elsewhere

This is mindfulness, knowing where you are and being there, without diverting your mind to other places.

Meditation while working

The Benefits of Meditation at Work

Over time, you will notice an improvement in your work performance, attention, creativity, stress, anxiety and many other problems. Meditating is good for your health, leaving you more at peace as well as it also brings you the ability to make clear and conscious decisions.

If you meditate daily at work you’ll also find yourself being less distracted by things that bothered you, your focus will be improved, you’ll be able to think out of the box as the mind will remain at peace at all times (even in the most stressful situations at work).

Practicing meditation at work will also strengthen your relationships - not only personal but professional as well.

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These are just a few of the many benefits of meditating at work. At first, both ways of meditating seem to be difficult. Practicing every day, over time you will want to spend more than 5 minutes in the chair and present where you are.

So meditating will be more than something to do, it will be your state, it will be equivalent to being happy or sad. So, if you have been seeking how to meditate at work, then make use of these 2 meditations at work techniques and bring yourself some relaxation and free yourself from stress and work load instantly with these Easy & Quick 5 Minutes Guided Meditation at Work Techniques.



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