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Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra (Balance & Unblock)

Blocked Heart Chakra - My Story

I completed a yoga teacher training in July’ 2007. Writing is my passion and this time I would like to write about; yoga as a way to cultivate kindness and love. I would also like to share a true short story of mine and how exactly I figured out that I need to open my Heart Chakra.

I was a little late because I had underestimated the search for a parking space on a Saturday. When I reached the classroom, almost every seat was occupied and the warm-up had already started. I chose a place near the door for two reasons: first, so as not to run the risk of getting a barbell in the face of anyone.

Secondly, because my daughter has only recently started taking care of the gym and I - if necessary - wanted to leave the classroom quickly.

Immediately a lady asked me to go a little further forward, otherwise she would not see herself in the mirror. Well, of course that’s an argument. Another was concerned that she might not have enough space to stretch out her dumbbells. I couldn’t really share this concern. Another woman complained to another that the “late comers” would simply take their side, but there was so much space in the back of the room.

Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra
Image Credit Source: Getty Images / Aurora Creative

I briefly considered getting upset, but decided to just ignore these slightly hysterical ladies. I even went one step further and applied a strategy that I had learned at a Kundalini Yoga Retreat: I forgive them.

It’s very simple, you just have to say briefly in your head: “I forgive you because you just can’t do it better.” It may sound haughty, but it helps immensely to nip negative energies. In that case, what would have been of benefit if I had held resentment against these narrow-minded women for an hour? Nothing except wasted energy and negative thoughts.

Open Heart Chakra - Yoga poses for Love & Compassion

Still, I couldn’t get around thinking about this behavior and wondering why it is that we humans always see each other first, are concerned about our advantage, are afraid of being neglected, or of being disadvantaged.

  • Why are we so afraid that something will be taken away from us by other people?
  • Why do we think so narrow-minded and narrow-minded?

Instead of closing down and barricading ourselves in our little mind, we should open our hearts (Heart Chakra), make room, treat all beings around us with love and compassion.

One of the seven main chakras in yoga is the Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra), the region around our heart. This old traditional wisdom already said how important opening the heart is for empathy, love and compassion. That is why there are special yoga positions that promote and encourage this opening of the heart. In the following I explain my three favorite yoga poses to open the Heart Chakra.

3 Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra

1. Matsyasana Yoga - The Fish Pose to open Heart Chakra

Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra
Image Credit Source: Getty Images

Lie on the back on the mat, Legs are close together.

Then bring your straight arms under your body with your palms facing down. With your next inhalation, bring your upper body upwards by supporting yourself with your forearms.

Lower the skullcap to the rear so that you can see the wall, door, etc. behind you.

Make sure to carry the main weight on your forearms, only a little pressure should be applied to the top of the skull.

Now breathe in and out of your chest very deliberately and feel the width.

2. Ustrasana Yoga - The Camel Pose to open Heart Chakra

Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra
Image Credit Source: Getty Images

Get on your knees so that your lower legs are completely on the mat.

Now bring the right hand and then the left hand to the heels of the right and left feet. Deliberately push the pelvis forward. Let your head sink back.

In this position, breathe deeply into the stretched chest again.

After about eight breaths, you will return to the starting position with the inhalation.

3. Dhanurasana Yoga - The Bow Pose to open Heart Chakra

Yoga Poses to Open Heart Chakra
Image Credit Source: Getty Images / Uppercut RF

First you come to the prone position and bend your lower legs. Then grasp the ankles with your hands. The thighs should be kept as parallel as possible. By pressing the back of your feet into your hands, your upper body lifts off the mat.

If you have sensitive hip bones, you should take a blanket as a base or a second yoga mat.

Breathe deeply into your chest and you will notice how you start to swing slightly by yourself.

After a few breaths, put your upper body and legs back on the mat and relax in your prone position. Let your feet fall apart so that the big toes touch. The head either rests on one side or you make a pillow with your hands and rest your head on it.

Yoga is a wonderful way to cultivate kindness, warmth, and love in our hearts and then send them out into the universe, especially to those who need them most.

With these 3 most easy and simple Yoga poses, you can easily open the Heart Chakra. You’ll be able to easily flow love and compassion for everyone, once you practice these yoga poses to open Heart Chakra.



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