Game Chatter Fall 2018: dates, figures, news & notes

Red Dead Redemption 2 (via Flickr)

Autumn has brought us some exciting gaming news. If you’re out of the loop, here are some highlights:

Retreating release dates

Electronic Arts’ EA DICE have released a new set of dates for Battlefield V, including the news that Firestorm, the “battle royale” mode, won’t launch until January. Xbox One’s Crackdown 3 and kickstarter-funded game Evolution won’t make it in time for Christmas this year, either — their releases will happen in 2019. Days Gone, the open-world zombie shooter, has announced a slight shift as well: from February 2019 to sometime in May.

Money moves

On the financial side of gaming, there’s quite a bit of buzz. For example, the $1,250,000,000 investment that Epic Games (creators of Fortnite) just received to fund 3D development using their Unreal Engine. A billion-dollar investment could mean great things for AR and VR games… While we’re talking numbers, the games industry as a whole might also be reaching its zenith — there has been a record-breaking $25 billion dollars in game industry deals in 2018 alone!

Trouble with the top

Large gaming corporations have been called out a lot in the press recently — as you’ve maybe heard in the case of the Brazilian troll game that was released on Steam. Besides this new policy, its owner, Valve, has also been under fire recently: for its incomprehensible algorithms, poor support and review systems, and just too much “hands-off” automation. Elsewhere in the world, game development studios Telltale and Big Fish Games are under fire for huge layoffs.


We apologize if this sounds crass, but have you heard about the horse testicles in the newly-released Red Dead Redemption 2? In an inspired marketing move, Rockstar Games has been touting their incredible graphics and realism by including a very subtle detail: as your character moves from a warm location to a colder location at a higher altitude, the body parts of the horse he’s riding adjust accordingly.

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