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iMeshup is the Google Drive for the 3D Industry

3D game and animation productions combine artistic, technological, and business activities into one process. These productions could involve as a few as five people for small projects, and teams of hundreds for larger ones. A quick preview interface of current production files is necessary during these projects. This interface should be equally easy to use for everyone — from graphics creators to producers. The new solution offered by iMeshup enables files to be reviewed and edited in a regular web browser! iMeshup uses WebGL to render graphics and is thus able to provide the 3D experience without use of any additional plug-ins. Viewing and editing functions for 3D models are all completely integrated into the standards of the web browser.

The technology behind iMeshup

Although iMeshup has an Open3DGC compression build-in in glTF format, we also provide another experimental compression algorithm, and are working to establish a new state-of-the-art option. We now have a lossless data alternative which combines the compression ratio of arithmetic coding with a processing cost similar to that of Huffman coding. These so-called Asymmetric Numeral Systems are utilized in the Facebook Zstandard compressor, Apple LZFSE compressor, and now, our iMeshup 3D compressor. This innovation enables you to scale your models by a factor of 3000% without compromising quality!

The Beta version of iMeshup is now live! This version includes a set of some pretty incredible features.


You’ve made something awesome, and now you’re ready for feedback. Time to upload it to iMeshup for the whole team to see! Simply find the project folder you want and click “Upload model.” Import a 3D file by drag-and-drop, or by manually searching your computer disk. Your 3D creation can be in one of many formats: .dxf, .obj, .3ds, .dae, .abc, .fbx, or .zip. The iMeshup engine’s native format is glTF –a common choice for projects in the 3D industry with wide support. All the other formats (such as 3ds, .dae, and .fbx) are imperceptibly converted within the system. Importing 3D files has never been easier!

Edit Mode

The parameters of iMeshup’s editor let you do incredible things. When you upload a 3D model to iMeshup, you are instantly able to edit it — regardless of its original file format.

Set the scene

The 3D models you’ve made retain a high-level of customization in iMeshup’s editing scene tab. Here, you can:

  • Adjust the position and visibility of the mesh piece-by-piece
  • Toggle textures on and off with just one click
  • Select and alter their alpha and refraction of any materials used in your model
  • Create a default camera for viewers of your model

The camera options are especially handy when it comes to showing models to clients who aren’t well-versed in the world of 3D design. Once you’ve fine-tuned the field of view and clipping distance parameters for your model, simply save the current view.

Edit mode features many helpful parameters

Place your models in space

With every project, presentation is key. Consequently, iMeshup gives you tools to let your ideas shine. In the environment tab, you can:

  • Change the background display to find the perfect way to present your creation
  • Drop your 3D models onto a variety of grounds and base colors from the skybox panel
  • Play with lighting options: choose between spot, directional, or point light
  • Adjust the direction and intensity of your lighting freely
Select a fitting background for your model

Add the finishing touches

Think of the post-production tab in iMeshup’s editor as an interactive way to add filters to your 3D design. Here, iMeshup lets you get technical — with the right tone mapping or level of contrast you can demonstrate key relevant details of your designs. From this part of the editor, you can:

  • Change the contrast
  • Adjust the level of exposure
  • Add a vignette with field-of-view and weight specifications


Sharing is caring. One of the most important features of iMeshup is the ability to share your work! To share a model with collaborators and clients, just open the project you want and locate your model. Then, simply click “Share.” This will open up a pop-up window, where you can change the privacy settings of your model, including:

  • Implementing optional password-protection
  • Enabling comments
  • Allowing access to the rest of your project folder
Share your work!

After completing this section, iMeshup will generate a shareable link for your model and its scene. You can also share it through e-mail, or post directly to social media!

View mode

In this mode, external users will be able to enjoy your hard work in an interactive way. This feature is available to anyone you’ve shared a link with — those who do not have an iMeshup account can’t edit your model, but they can view and add comments (if commenting is enabled in the “share” pop-up menu).

Easily add opinions and tips onto your coworker’s creations

You can comment on a model in either view or edit mode. Simply click on the chat bubble icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the editor, and then click anywhere on the model to add a comment. Your comments will show up as small red numbers to your collaborators. Anything you write will also appear in the comments thread panel on the left-hand side of your screen!

All these features guarantee that you can publish, share, and get feedback on your model with ease– no more quality loss. With iMeshup, you can connect with clients without the hassle of explaining the technical side of things.

Coming soon

As you might have seen in current news, there is a lot of excitement around the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) technology. The possibilities of immersive modeling open up a whole new world of collaborative opportunity. iMeshup is currently developing ways which will help accelerate ideas in this industry. We can’t wait to tap into this field — as a result, we’ve already got VR-compatible editing tools in the works.

More future features include:

  • Support for even more file formats
  • Embedding that will allow you to share the 3D model anywhere on your website
  • Plugins for 3D desktop software to export directly to iMeshup
  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android with VR/AR features

…And many more, to make your 3D collaborations as best they can be!

In terms of quality and speed, using iMeshup replaces physically traveling to your client equipped with desktop 3D software and a powerful computer. Just imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish… Now that you can collaborate with your clients instantly through a user-friendly cloud interface.

Stay tuned as we release different features and functionalities with coming editions of iMeshup — the collaboration platform for everything 3D!


Release your 3D games faster.


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Release your 3D games faster.



Release your 3D games faster.

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