“Do Good And Good Will Come To You” — Faten Zardi

The protagonist of our story, Faten Zardi, is a Tunisian national and mother of two who works as an event planning consultant, has a bachelor’s degree in Finance, and helps in running a charity. Growing up, Faten was always very close to her father, learning much about life, kindness, love, giving to others and being involved in one’s community from him. But losing him at the tender age of 19 was fathomably a big shock to her. She recalls that her mother’s strength in the face of such a tragedy and her efforts to keep her father’s legacy alive played a huge part in shaping her life. She says, “Her patience, kindness, strength, dedication made me and my siblings the people we are today.”

Faten calls helping people her “habit and lifestyle, not just an occasional incident.” This is highlighted in the various activities and projects undertaken by the charity she’s part of — ‘Joussourouna’ which means “our bridges”.

Situated in Sousse, Tunisia, the charity was created to establish bridges between different regions of Tunisia, the city and rural environment, between the generations, institutions, citizens and between cultures. A task as noble as it is herculean.

“There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that a family member, a friend, a stranger, a less fortunate feels good because of your actions.”

Working to disseminate a culture of human rights and gender equality, Faten admits that it’s a very ambitious aim as Tunisia had a revolution only a few years ago in 2011 leading to the country becoming a democratic nation. To ensure that the democracy thrives, the charity works to promote a sense of citizenship and encourages Tunisians to be engaged in fighting corruption through taking part in politics and the decision making process.

Faten also discussed the various efforts and programs they run to empower women through coaching and training in order to achieve merit in decision making positions in politics, administration and business. Championing human rights, one of the main objectives of the charity involves raising awareness against child and youth violence and bullying.

Their current projects include –

Democracy Needs Women: A program which aims to encourage women to participate in public life;

Second Chance: It involves young people from the juvenile detention centre working to create a short movie, aimed at rekindling their imagination and creativity. They’ll be the writers, directors, actors and camerapersons, assisted by professional volunteers;

Creation of 3 Relaxation Spaces in Sousse: It is aimed at taking 3 abandoned places/parks and turning them into places where people/children can meet. Besides beaches, there are no such places/parks in Sousse.

Admirable as these objectives are, there are also a lot of obstacles in the way of achieving these goals, but that’s often where humanity shines the brightest.

Propagating the teachings of her father, Faten says she’d love it if the whole world were to become more empathetic and kind. As she says, there a few things everyone can do in their everyday lives,

“Be involved in your community, help people, be generous, give without expecting anything in return.”

While not everyone can or is able to do as much to help people as charity workers do, there are always a few things that we all can do in our day-to-day lives to spread kindness and compassion. Join Imeyou and raise a toast to a more benevolent world!

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