Better Economy: When performance is more than just a goal.

May 12, 2017 · 3 min read

By Audrey Saget, February 9, 2016

Whenever you drop by Imfusio, you’ll hear us talk to our English-speaking friends about of “The Better Economy, or “The Fair Economy”, You might wonder what it’s all about. So, let us explain.

W, we, like many people, were saddened by the fact that our society seemed incapable of facing up to the obvious social issues and their emerging complexity. There seemed to be no forward-thinking, just a quest for more, more and more again. More wealth, more models, more procedures, more projects. It was like a continuous soundtrack of “Bigger, Better, Faster, MORE!” where nobody ever stopped to ask: “How can we make the most of what we already have?”.

T. At Imfusio, we were as shocked as anyone else, but we saw it as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We wanted to do better, together. That, we decided, would be our unique difference. We started to think long and hard about collaborative and collective intelligence. Some people were skeptical and couldn’t see the value in what we were trying to do. They asked “What on earth is this? Is it Training? Is it an Event?”. “No!” we said,

T. To allow great things to evolve by working together at a new, slower but sustainable pace. After eight years of working together this way, we Imfusians are passionate about sharing these ideas. We want to bringing the humanity back into business by encouraging businesses to find new ways of working together.

WBecause we believe that there’s more to life than a never-ending, ruthless quest for economic performance. Of course it’s important, but it should come about as a consequence of healthy human and organisational development. This is the position we adopt with our customers, our partners and our colleagues. . Because ultimately, while the salary at the end of the month is undeniably important, it is not enough on its own. Believing in a Better Economy helps everyone develop individual and collective interest in the common good. It means accepting the limitations of short-term thinking and understanding that we must learn to as Gaston Berger put it so well. To believe in this kind of economy is to realise that our challenge is not to regain growth. Instead, the biggest challenge facing our society is to strive for the best:

  • Better working together
  • Better living together
  • Better growing together
  • Better Innovating together
  • Better learning together
  • Better taking action together

To believe in the Better Economy is to :

"maintain a relationship of trust with doubt and the unknown to the point where the feeling of freedom is increased" [1].

A. We can’t see the full picture yet, but one thing is certain:

[1] Bertrand Piccard “Changing Altitude”

Imfusio’s blog

Revealing the Heartbeat of Organisations! #culturaltransformation #collectiveintelligence #corporatehackers


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Revealing the Heartbeat of Organisations #culturaltransformation #collectiveintelligence #stepbystep #corporatehackers @Imfusio @SometricsTM

Imfusio’s blog

Revealing the Heartbeat of Organisations! #culturaltransformation #collectiveintelligence #corporatehackers