Moving Forward

Moving forward is how history is made. George Washington crossing the Delaware, manufacturers moving into Trenton, and the manufacturers moving out. Moving forward does not always produce the best results for everyone and Trenton has learned this the hard way.

“Trenton makes, the world takes” a phrase that describes Trenton’s finest achievements, its ability to make what the world wanted. Trenton once lead the nation in production, from steel to flour, pottery and mattresses, everything that people needed was being made in Trenton. This, as most know, is not how it is today. The steel mills left, as well as many of the other factories that made their home in Trenton. With the industry gone Trenton fell on hard times. So many jobs lost and no way to replace them.

Today I’m not going to tell you that Trenton has made a miraculous recovery, or that the city is as prosperous as it once was, but many companies and programs are trying to give a crutch to our once greatest city. Creating more jobs like the state government, trying to bridge gaps and form a more stable culture like Trenton Makes Music and trying to make Trenton a better place like Trenton 250’s Master Plan.

Trenton makes music:

Trenton 250 plan: