Design is More Than Just Thinking

When someone says “design”, the image of a person in their chair does not come up. The reason I brought this up is because design, I feel like, is more about researching than it is thinking how to solve a problem. Once an idea is created, before designing anything, you need to research to see if there is already a solution. If there is one solution that is working, the previous idea needs to be abandoned. However, if there are solutions and they are not working out, then the idea can now be researched even more to see how to make it successful.

This is where the second stage of research comes along. “Poor user experiences inevitably come from poorly informed design teams.” This quote is from Jared M. Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, and what he is saying is true. Think back to the last terrible experience you had with a product, for me it is TCNJ PAWS, the student webhome to manage classes, tuition and other school related things. Every time I use it, the user interface makes my experience on the website tedious and frustrated. When using it, I end up in a bad mood after a few minutes. If the company that manages the website researched enough, the designers would have a better idea how to create the best experience when using PAWS.

In today’s world, there is a plethora of information that can be found of the web. Therefore, a bad user experience should not be an issue because there is an enough information that can help an app, website, or any design related product be successful. Design is more than trying think of how to solve a problem, there needs to be research to make a design that solves the problem and provides a positive user experience.

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