Spring 2016 Senior Showcase

I am a Senior at The College of New Jersey majoring in Interactive Multimedia. I enjoy designing characters and animation. I am very interested in character designs, concept art, and animation.

My thesis project was originally going to be an animated trailer for an animation. Instead, the final product was a fully modeled original character that was going to be used in the animation. I’m pleased with how the model came out.

The showcase is a an annual event held during the Spring semester. It is a place where the seniors of the Interactive Multimedia department show off their yearlong project to families, friends, and potential employers who work in the desired industry.

There were a lot of struggles during this project. I tried again and again to draw out character designs and plan out what I did and didn’t want to include. I was also struggling with modeling, as I have never modeled a complete human model before. Figuring out what to create/draw next was enjoyable as well. I have experience working with Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I had limited experience with Maya 2016. I also had limited experience with Maya 2015. Throughout the semester, I learned a lot about the program through endless struggles, freezes, and crashes. The model I enjoyed rigging my character, but I didn’t enjoy modeling as much.

If I were to start the thesis process over again, I would plan on starting earlier before the fall semester begins. I would also work on the storyboards and figure out how to work with Maya earlier in the Fall semester.

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