2/15 Week

Kathleen Fox
Feb 15, 2017 · 2 min read

This week I continued to be shopped trained by Kyle and and now fully certified to work in the shop downstairs. I have a good understanding of how the installation room works and I’m excited to start building in there. I also did a lot of work for ACT’s production of Stop Kiss and I learned a lot about carpentry and feel far more comfortable building things than before. I want to reach out to see if it would be possible to work in the space over winner break to build the set. I have also worked out a bit more of the script. It has been incredibly difficult trying to get the script together. I keep feeling like I need to wait for the right time to write it — but there is no such time. I need the discipline to work through it. I’m just afraid of not getting it right because this show is so important to me. But I broke through that a bit this week, and the first draft is almost done. I plan to have a second draft ready for next week to workshop with everyone and a final draft done soon after that. I plan to have auditions in late February or early March in order so I can film what I need to and animate over spring break. I’m not too concerned about the actors. It’s a short show. It won’t take too many rehearsals to do the basic show things like blocking and learning lines, I’m more concerned about coordinating actors with the timing of animations, and a lot of that won’t be done until I’m able to work in the space for a slightly extended period of time or at least some sort of model of it. So going forward, I’m going to finish the script, finalize the set and hold auditions in the very, very near future.

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