Applying Textures in Substance Painter

This week was less productive than I would have liked it to be, this late in the game. A large portion of my paper for my other thesis was due, leaving little development time. Most of the time I had was Substance Painter, so that I could add my own metal and screen substances to paint onto the enemy ships. I played mostly with metal substances, applying different, low-intensity filters to distinguish the body, wings, and gun of the ship. This allowed the ship to look a bit more dynamic, as opposed to like it was sculpted from a block of metal. I finished applying my substances in Substance Painter, and am now working on exporting to and applying in Unity. I still have to test the substances in the Oculus to make sure the game still runs, but for now, I have added a bit more realism and graphical fidelity to the scene.

Finished Texture
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