3/22/2017 Capture the Flag Scene

This past week I worked on the longest and fastest-paced scene in my script. Clocking in around 20 pages long in conventional novel format, Fallstreak’s CTF scene is chock full of sprite movement animations, transitions and extensive sound effect chains. Though it was a herculean task getting so much done in such a short time, it’s easiest the funnest scene I’ve worked on so far.

In this scene our little tactician Adelise, the main character, gets to show off her knack for strategy for the first time. All of the characters involved get depicted in a new way, showing off new ‘engaging’ sprite variations created just for this scene. While there were some light physical scenes before this, this is the first scene where all the characters go all out. Callia gets to show off her speedy side, Lerona and Tristyn get to show off their synergy on a team, Noleta gets to body check people with her raw power… but perhaps the biggest highlight is the unseeing Erwina. Her martial prowess is a driving force behind the progression of the scene, and it was a great pleasure depicting her so intensely when prior scenes might’ve ingrained a reserved, elegant image of her in the reader’s mind.

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