3/29/2017 Cecil Redesign

Over spring break one of the things I worked on was redesigning Cecil Cotard, one of the first characters I worked on in this project. When I started working on Cecil around a year ago, I had little to no experience creating and designing characters. Over the year though I worked on creating designs for much of the cast of my visual novel, developing a solid production pipeline and aesthetic.

Cecil actually went through numerous iterations before I presented my project in thesis class. After a lot of feedback showed he still did not hold up to the standards of my other character sprites I decided to redesign him, utilizing the techniques and experience I’ve cultivated over the year.

One of the things I’ve incorporated into my production pipeline is the usage of a lot of references. Whether it be a reference for color scheme, texture, or hand pose, it’s imperative to inform your design and artwork as much as possible.

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