Creating the first demo

This week I created Uproot’s first demo — a fully playable, start to finish, level of the game, off of which two more levels will be built. It is promising that I finished it on time for my goal. Today, having tested it for the first time, I learned a lot that needs to be added and changed, which may set me back on my schedule, but the changes are absolutely necessary.

I take feedback on my work very seriously. Sure, there’s the occasional comment I disagree with, but the vast majority of comments are immensely useful, and I got a lot today, some of which I never even considered. Testing is such an important part of game design, so I’m grateful for having had such a vocal audience for presentation.

Now it’s just a matter of fitting this feedback in with the development of my minimum viable product. This will prove to be a challenge, but hopefully not impossible. It’s time to really get to the grindstone, because the Showcase is coming up fast.

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