Existential Crisis

This week was a bit more productive than last. I was finally able to really sit down and figure out what I need to do in order to completely my thesis before it is due which put my mind at ease, at least for now. I still feel like I am overthinking things and not devoting enough time into my project each week. It is an easy fix, but one that I cannot seem to get past. I cannot help but feel shame when I compare myself to my classmates who devote countless hours a week to their thesis project. Granted they might not have a packed class schedule, internship, and clubs to attend, but I still worry that my project will not nearly measure up to theirs.

I feel like I have an existential crisis at least once a week in regards to what my future holds. How will the work that I am doing now shape where I go next? I am doing enough to even get somewhere after college? What if I hate this out in the real world and have to settle for a dead end job? I am trying to remain optimistic, but this semester has just proven to be more difficult than I could have ever anticipated. But maybe next week will be better!

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