HouseMate: A Few Updates

This week updates to HouseMate were temporarily set aside as I compete in this year’s Campus Moviefest Film Festival, but I was able to knock off a few todo list items as I work towards a working final product.

I made some crucial organizational adjustments to the configuration structure, finally putting each component in its own .yaml file. This allows for easier access to each category (such as sensors, lights, automations, etc) when editing the system configuration.

I also addressed a few user reported issues, for example my housemate thought that my nightly light schedule was getting annoying as lights were turning off when he was still using the living room. Now the night automations only run after midnight.

Lastly, I have a near-final version of the project logo, based on a few recommended critiques.

New Housemate Logo

Once CMF wraps up I’ll be working full-force to have a complete working demo at the IMM Senior Show. Stay tuned for more!

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