JH Weekly Sprint 4 / 5 / 17

After conceptualizing and modelling a track last week, the majority of this week involved adding finishing touches and getting it implemented into Unity. The aesthetic of the track is meant to be a rolling city during a rainy day, so I added a cloudy looking Skybox.

Unfortunately, the new track has also exposed some issues with the car controller, and now the car can’t reliably go through the track without flying off course. Going forward, the number one priority will be to get the car controller working with both tracks that have been made so far.

Thoughts On the Process:

Most of this project has involved me really pushing my comfort zone. I’ve had to get a handle on Maya again, I’ve had to learn programming in C#, and I’m creating a game in a genre that I’ve never tackled before. Especially as we approach closer to the showcase, I find myself thrilled but also trapped. Sometimes I wonder if my scope was too high. I’m all too aware at this point that it’s too late to change my idea in any major way. At the same time though, it’s made me more determined to make this game as good as possible.