Measuring Myself Against the Industry Frontrunners & SDK reading

This sprint was a hundred-tab type of week. I read one question in a forum, only to open three more tabs, and on and on. In my research to determine whether it is smart to develop around a discontinued product, I discovered a lot of new businesses that are very similar to mine. This is both disconcerting and a source of comfort. The industry of affective wearables is growing exponentially, and it is exciting to know that my project is in the forefront, in line with professionals already out in the workforce. Still, it can be terrifying to compare my competitors’ resources with my own. I caught a glimpse of what it must be like to be an entrepreneur.

My research indicates that it is best to utilize the Microsoft Band 2. The galvanic skin response sensor is a component that I want to explore primarily, and is not included in many other fitness bands. After over a week of testing the band, I have found that the simplicity of the design complements the functionality I am looking to develop. I was able to find the SDK and how to access the sensors. It appears to be fairly simple to get the information, although I was not able to test it this week. That will be my primary project this weekend. First, I want to set up the basic android environment to do these tests. I also just received notification that my request for Rosalind Picard’s “Affective Computing” was fulfilled, so I can start researching analytics this week.

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