Necrophobic Sprint #2

For this week, I have decided to focus on the 3D model of the demon, which is the main enemy of the game. I had completed the models for its head, arms, and hands, but I didn’t really have much modeled for the rest of the body. Since the demon will be the primary jump scare in the game, I figured I would spend making more progress on it. As a result of this, I ended up creating a torso, legs, and feet for this character, as well as attaching parts of the body to it.

The work on this was difficult for me, as this was a learning experience on making a full-bodied character model like this. In order to create a model that I was satisfied with, I ended up creating numerous versions of the body parts to ensure the design was right, and would attach the model properly. Due to this trial and error process, I feel that I have learned a lot from this experience, particularly in how to create humanoid characters in Maya.