Necrophobic Sprint #8

I spent the course of this week figuring out how to correct the issues I have been having with the rigging of my demon model. I spent time researching tutorials and references to properly create skeletons that will work in the Unreal Engine. I found a series of tutorials on YouTube that use a plugin for Unreal called the Animation and Rigging Toolset, also known as ART. It is designed to make character rigs specifically for the Unreal Engine. I am now currently working on setting this up, and the process seems to be going well so far.

Also, I finally purchased a desktop computer that can not only properly run the Oculus Rift, but also allow my game to perform at a level that is closer to what I have envisioned. Now I am also working on finding a way to get my game to display on the headset when I load it.

For the upcoming week, I plan to make more progress with the areas that I am currently working, with the possibility of finishing the demon up soon. I will also put in some more sound into the game, as I now have a source for sound effects.