Optimism, a Game to Piece the World Back Together

Optimism is going to be a 3D exploration adventure puzzle game created in Unity. It will take place in a world broken by accident. In a society not unlike our own, a device was created to facilitate interdimensional travel. It was the to be the pinnacle of this society’s scientific achievements, but it didn’t work as the science team expected. Rather than move a small area of space across the fifth dimension, the entire world was carved up into quantized chunks and jettisoned into the fifth dimension. Nobody was harmed, and many people even continued life as normal in their worlds. Maybe, just maybe, the world will be whole again one day.

This is where you, the player, come in. You will control Asher, a young man alone (mostly) in his world. As Asher, it will fall to you to collect the pieces of the device and put it back together. You will explore many different areas of his world, a beautiful natural paradise, and complete puzzles with the help of the spirits of the old world.

We aim to create a game that takes the normally dreary setting of post-apocalyptica and turns it on its head, with a story full of hope and optimism. A colorful cast of supporting characters will guide players on their journey through Asher’s world, and there will never be a dark moment.

You can read our full proposal here.