Senior Project Sprint 9: Critique

This week I mostly prepared for my in class critique on April 12th. I updated the server that hosts the site, updated the database tables, fixed some front end quirks, and finally started a GitHub repo for the project. Even with all this preparation, my critique did not go all that great. My critique accurately reflected to what extent my blockers have been blocking me from progress. I am beginning to rethink the problem and see if there are any apis available to offset some of my workload, especially with only two weeks until showcase and work from my other classes. I would like to get unblocked by next week and have another in class critique so I can improve on what is left to do! On a positive note, I believe the feedback outside of being blocked was good, and there is likely an api out there for me to use!

This post and project (ship2pd) are requirements toward a senior project at The College of New Jersey’s Interactive Multimedia Department.

ship2pd is a new kind of shipping network. By taking advantage of everyday routes, ship2pd hopes to get the package to its recipient quicker, cheaper, friendlier, and greener. Think Uber for shipping.