Senior Thesis — Weekly Reflection 2

This week I sent out more sponsorship inquiries to try to get more components for my project. I reached out to CanaKit and Allied Electronics and followed up on my sponsorship request with Particle. I did not hear back from Allied Electronics yet, but CanaKit said they would donate two products for my project. I asked them for a Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit and a Resistor Kit which I hope to receive soon. I will be using the Raspberry Pi to run the Node.js server for my web app. As for Particle, the support representative said that he would check on the status of my sponsorship request and get back to me. I also experimented more with sending data from a Photon to Firebase. I did not have a chance to work on the Node.js server yet, but I plan to do that at some point during the coming week. My experimentations this week have made me feel a lot more comfortable with getting my Photon to communicate with Firebase and using p5.js to display data from Firebase.

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