Senior Thesis — Weekly Reflection 8

My project progressed a little slower than usual this week because my package from SparkFun got delayed. This has been a setback for a while, but now it is preventing me from going forward with my project. The delay is USPS’s fault and I am working on trying to get the package as soon as possible. On a more positive note, I received a very generous donation of lab supplies from Nova-Tech. They sent me a large assortment of assorted plastic labware to use as set pieces and for the chemistry challenge.

I also received a Raspberry Pi 3 Dev Kit and a resistor kit from CanaKit. I will be using the Raspberry Pi to run a Node server that will be the backend for some components within my escape room. I setup the Raspberry Pi in its case and installed Raspbian (the default Raspberry Pi operating system). I just have to install Node.js on it which I can do now that I have a USB keyboard.

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