Senior Thesis — Weekly Reflection 9

This week I coordinated with people at TCNJ in order get the filing cabinets and lab tables that I need for my escape room. Getting the filing cabinets was a lengthy process since I did not know who to contact in order to get permission to use them. Once I figured out who to contact, they were very nice and helpful and made the necessary arrangements for me. For the lab tables, I reached out the lab manager. He was eager to help and said he will look into it and get back to me.

In terms of building the components of my project, I am still being delayed by the missing package from SparkFun. I contacted USPS and found out that they lost my package. They suggested that I contact SparkFun and have the package reshipped. I am in the process of doing this, but I am having trouble getting in contact with the person responsible for order fulfilment. It would be a major loss if I ultimately could not get this package, so I am working on damage control for in case that becomes a reality. As part of this, I started prototyping with the components of the vest. This is going well but it will be challenging to actually sew the components into the vests without the wearable shields that are in the missing package.

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