Sprint 2: Progress Update

This sprint will serve as an update into what has been going on in the games progress and other important decisions I have made.

For the games actual progress, I have been spending most of the time working on the code for the combat system. This involves character movement and the combat menus. Everyone who I’ve talked to said I should handle movement with arrays, so I will look in to that more next time I get back to work.

I am once again having issues with meeting up with my artist. I’m starting to believe that I must provide the art for the game myself, this would not be much of a problem if it was not for the deadline. If I must go down that route, the time I use to create the art will be taken from the time I would use to implement the story into the game.

With the change in work load comes a change in focus. Originally, I wanted this game to showcase myself as a storyteller and a programmer. From now the games programming will be my priority, specifically the game combat system. I do care about the games story but I need to be sure the game works. Implementing a good story into a broken or obviously incomplete game would be pointless.

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