Success! So much sweeter when it’s earned

In the last week, I have been frustrated whenever I work on my app. What had once brought me so much joy and excitement, was now the source of my anger. Gone were the days where I looked forward to working on the app and seeing progress happening so easily. Any error that I could encounter I could easily remedy, and I would have a minor buzz of endorphins.

Last week, I hit a road block that brought everything too a halt. I tried whatever I could to remedy it, but there were no quick solutions. Eventually, I just had to sit myself down and read everything I could on the topic, and started forming ideas on my own, instead of relying on the ideas of the Stack Overflow, and other online communities. Once I felt I had a firm grasp on what it was I needed to do, I gave it a try. It didn’t work out the way I thought it would, but it worked enough that I could see what was happening and was able to identify what needed to be done.

“IT WORKED!” I shouted as soon as I made all the necessary changes and I saw what I had wanted to happen, happening. This experience was such a high, I felt, like the king of the world and the master of programming, despite both those things being far from true. It gave me a new wave of motivation, and I was able to crank out a lot more modules and functionality.

While I am happy that I got it to work, I am even more pleased with the sense of growth from having learned how to do it on my own, and knowing that any task I may struggle with, can be solved with a little bit more time and hard work.

This week was definitely a good week of learning.

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