3/15/2017 The relationship between the Lirit twins

The bridge construction contest that I worked on this past week focused a lot on the dynamic between the mute Tristyn and armless Callia who both received their respective disabilities at a young age during the Fire of Collapse.

The two are very conscious of what the other are incapable of doing, and do what they can to look out for each other. One example of how they do this is through an unusual gesture known as a ‘forehead five.’ Instead of a high five, the twins bump foreheads instead to rejoice. Naturally this leads to shenanigans where Tristyn knocks heads too hard, prompting Callia to occasionally knee him while calling him blockheaded.

Callia also has a knack for understanding what is on Tristyn’s mind, even though he cannot speak. For example, in an earlier scene Tris tugs on Callia’s sleeve and points at the sleeping teacher Mr. Narau. She instantly understands that he wants to pulls a prank on the slacking teacher, and the group proceeds to do exactly that.

Overall the twins have a very nuanced relationship that is explored more deeply later in the story.

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