Week 10 — Nothing to report

So I must confess — I spent little to no time on my project this week. I have been pulled in multiple different directions by multiple different projects, and I have not had time to complete any of my required work for this week :(

In fact, I would dare say that I am actually getting really bored with my current project, and I wish to take what I have learnt and move on. But alas…I can’t get a good grade like that. So within three weeks I have to tie up as many loose ends as possible. They go like this:

  • The ability to view the sent applications from users
  • Finish user profile
  • Make or fake a search engine
  • Finish up the visuals to a level that at least makes it look finished

Only 4 points! Brilliant! But that is a ton of work for someone who has to decide on a week by week basis what project is going to be consuming most of his time that week.

Counter to my first statement, I did manage to squeeze a bit of work in on my project. I was working on a step by step sign up procedure that would guide the users thru the sign-up fun, but then realized that that wasn’t what I put on my trello board, and that I didn’t put it on there because it totally is not all that important in the grand scheme of things!

This is a short update, but it is an update. I am now going to attempt to not get distracted and actually knock out something on my trello board…

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