Week 2/22

Kathleen Fox
Feb 22, 2017 · 1 min read

This week I finally finished the script! It has taken many weeks to finally flesh it out but its finally done. Well, at least the first draft. I’m going to have it finished by next week. I’m just really excited to have a starting place for the script that I can build upon. I’m quite happy with a lot of dialogue but I feel like some of the transitions from scene to scene is a little awkward. I also feel like it can become a little exposition-y and I really want to try to build upon the character development of Orin. I feel like I need to make sure how to make Orin more present throughout the play. For this upcoming week I planned to edit the script, make a full list of projections, finalize the set design and start auditioning people for the roles. I’m excited to finally have the ball start rolling.

IMM at TCNJ Senior Showcase 2017

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