Week 7 Sprint

It seems that this week, things finally started coming together for my project. Once I had decided to abandon the ideas of a ‘perfectly functional’ app, I felt much more confident in moving forward.

As stated in some of my previous posts, I was having a good deal of trouble coding a working app from scratch. Even when I had began pilfering from open source projects, the outcome was not what I had intended. I realized, halfway through this semester, that it was time to go back to the drawing board. To my surprise, this was a relief. I began planning out the flow of my back up application through Adobe XD this past week. Below are the mock ups I have, with the intended flow of the application. Adobe XD does not have audio capabilities, so for the prototype through this program I will take down transcripts of what each memory says.

The upside to the transcript, is that it addresses the possible issue of individuals with hearing impairments. I plan to include this in the beacon version of the application as well. Including a map function will also address the issue of individuals not able to walk through campus, whether that is due to a physical disability or just not being on campus.

I have also downloaded XCode, upon the suggestion of Brandon who is also building an application for his project. I have not worked with XCode a ton yet, but I can already tell it is going to make my life much easier. This text editor is designed specifically for building iOS applications. It has features that allow you to select functionalities to add to pages of your application, and XCode will create the code for you. I will be playing around this much more as I continue for weekly sprint 8, and finalize the flow of the application in Adobe XD.

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