Weekly Sprint #2

This week, I sought to continue building the frontend of my website. Unfortunately, I ended up encountering various problems with Bootstrap, yet again. Specifically, I was having trouble making my columns and rows line up correctly. My code became ever messier as I attempt to patch all the apparent holes.

In a moment of clarity, it dawned on me that I must have been misusing the framework for it to become less of a boon and so much more a bane. I spent some time looking over the w3schools page explaining the grid system, familiarizing myself with its proper use.

Rather than immediately attempting to revise my previous pages, I chose to implement my newfound knowledge into beginning the review session page, where I successfully created a title row followed by a row split into three columns: one broader, centered column intended for displaying the artwork, and a thinner column on the left and right of it for the rating sliders and chat, respectively.


Next on my list was working on the rating interface. Sketching out my mockups in the fall, I had blindly assumed that Bootstrap came equipped with sliders. Finding out this wasn’t the case, I searched the web for a solution and discovered that a web developer named Stefan Petre had created a Bootstrap slider mod, and kindly made it available for all to use. After linking to the CSS and JavaScript, I added a slider to the “Rating” column of my review session page, and modified its max value.

A real thrill ride, I know.

Despite my rough start, the progress I made this past week has made me confident that I will be able to complete most if not all of the frontend by next week.