Weekly sprint 2

This week I completed the main task I wanted to: finish inputting the rest of the plot ideas into the database. I finished the Mystery and Sci-fi Light and Dark plot types, bringing the total number of plots to 120. Without this content my project is useless, so I’ve dedicated the last few weeks and this coming week to getting the bulk of the content up and running. Last week I touched on how coming up with 120 interesting character ideas was really difficult. I didn’t have the same problem coming up with so many plots, probably because every basic plot has already been done before. It’s far easier to come up with variations of famous and familiar plots than it is to come up with a life (however simple it may be) for a character.

Outside of the main tasks I completed for the week, I also added in a few quality-of-life features that took next to no time to implement. Firstly, I added in button to refresh the page after a character, plot, or setting is generated, so that users no longer have to manually select the criteria again to generate the same type of character, etc.:

The new refresh button I added this week

The button functionality is just a tiny bit of Javascript, but I feel it definitely helps with the usability of my site.

The second unplanned feature I added is more temporary. My site will be heavily visual, but for now I don’t have any of the art done. Before this week, I simply had empty boxes where the art will eventually be, which I think confused some people:

I decided to add some placeholder art so that everyone understands that eventually there will be some sort of art there:

That’s all for this week. For next week my plan is to finish adding the Settings into the database, and from there move on to the Glossary page and actual art.

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