Weekly Sprint #2: Comments & Tags

This week I primarily focused on implementing commenting and post tagging features for my web application. Now users have the ability to comment on individual post pages which update in realtime to display a list of the most recent comments. This functionality was easier to implement than I originally anticipated and helped me learn more about querying individual values and lists of data from the Firebase database.

Screenshot of the commenting feature on an individual post.

After implementing the commenting system, I developed additional functionalities which allow users to add and remove tags from individual posts. All of the posts’ tags appear in a tag cloud and they can be added/removed from the database in realtime. While implementing these features, I learned more about using React to update lists and the state of the user interface in realtime.

Screenshot of the post-tagging feature and tag cloud on an individual post.

Finally, I worked on securing the system and validating data to prevent unintended modifications to the database. I made a lot of progress this week by building some of the core functionalities for my web application. Next week I intend to add more origami-specific functionalities (such as fields for entering/updating designs, designers, diagrams, books, etc.).

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